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You know you're a cake decorator, if ...

You know you’re a cake decorator if:
1. You are looking at a Gucci handbag in the store and you are thinking “how the hell could I do a cake like this”.

Let’s hear yours :)

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you know youre a cake decorator cake decorating



lol! Good one Michal!

2. …if before you’ve even finished reading the inside of a greeting card, you’ve already designed a whole cake based on the front of the card.

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3. If you walk through Home Depot and find yourself looking for gadgets you may be able to use to create decorations on fondant and gumpaste!

Sweets By Monica

4. If you walk through the paint store for color swatches to help compare your buttercream & fondant colors to.

It's a Cake Thing

@SarahBeth3 you took the words right out of my mouth. Sometimes, I buy cards to give to people and find myself taking photos of them for inspiration, before I actually give them away.

Jess B

5. If you spend your money on cake supplies instead of buying yourself a new pair of shoes!


6. …if you use your mixer more than your TV.

Stacy Lint

7. …if you’ve answered yes to any of the above, and visualized the time you did it!


8. …if you are quite capable of functioning on zero sleep – you pretend to live a normal life and be a normal person, but secretly you know you’ve had no or minimal sleep for days.


9. …if your workmates ask you when you’re making the next cake – purely because they want to know when more cake scraps and offcuts will be brought in.


10. …if you encourage people to buy your kids Playdough sets so you can use the cutters and molds on cakes.


11. …if you would be more starstruck to meet a famous cake decorator than you would be to meet a famous actor.

sry got a post another…

12. …you ever blew your nose and out came a rainbow of colors (anyone who has ever airbrushed would know)

and YES to all the above!

Laura Templeton

13. …watching cartoons is considered research!


Oh ladies (and gents) you all made my day! It’s so funny to read your comments. Funny because they are true!!

…..if you try tu turn your kids toys into cutters!!!


14. If your cuticles are hot pink…or green, or blue….


I was waiting for that one Corrie! Had dinner a few months ago with 2 other decorators and each of our hands were a different color.