Wedding cake with gold Accent is from a Site Full of Other Artist Work

I it not right to post cakes that are not yours on CD, and lead members to a gallery filled with the works of others.

this gallery has the work of some of our members.
This site is about featuring your own work!

-- Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Thanks for alerting us Lori-Ann. Are any of the pilfered cake photos yours??? This seems to be a ongoing problem. You should also pm Michal.

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

I cant believe someone would steel pics from here for their site!
Do the hard work yourself I say and make your own cakes……..thanks Lori-Ann! ;-)


Oh my :( so many people recently doing this …i’m agree with June to pm Michal.

Rebekah Naomi Cake Design

Disgusting…the gold cake isn’t theirs either AND more than happy to claim ownership of it…as people are commenting how pretty it is. The gold cake was by a USA based cake designer and featured in the ruffled blog as part of a Wuthering heights wedding feature. The designer is based in Maine and this fraudster is in Australia.

Cassandra Rice

Disgusting! Why do people do thus!


Thanks Rebekah for finding the real artist. A bride just sent me this picture for inspiration so I was very suspicious when I saw that is was just posted.

Rebekah Naomi Cake Design

I contacted the original artist and she has informed me she has messaged CD in regards to this. :-) can’t believe the nerve of some people…shocking!


It is ! The Website is bad but this is really outrageous and serious as CD posts members cakes to Facebook and Pinterest. I am glad you contacted her can you imagine if she saw her cake pinned with credit going to the fraudster.


It is so disgusting that a person would do that!

Yvonne Janowski

I can’t believe that people would do something like that. Why can’t they just make and design their own cakes instead of passing off other people’s work as their own. I am just starting out in this business and would appreciate any advice on how to keep this from happening. Not that anyone would want my cake photos “yet”.