I like to make cakes for my family as a hobby whilst working full time. I started making cakes after my daughter was born and then for her friends, but once she had grown out of parties, I stopped for a few years. Then my sister asked me to make her wedding cake in 2008 and I was hooked again. I find making cakes such a relaxing hobby that I can get totally immersed in and I enjoy the challenge of learning and trying new things.


Hi Catherine! beautiful works, are vey original!

il mondo di ielle

Thank you very much. I have felt very welcomed by everyone’s lovely comments x


Hi Catherine! Thank you so much for following me sweetie! I will be following you as well now. I am also a home baker who only makes cakes for family and friends.

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Thank you Toni – your cakes all look amazing :)


Hi Catherine!! Lovely to meet you and thank you for following. Am following you straight back, your cakes are beautiful!! :-) x

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Dear Catherine, thank you very much for the follow! I love your cakes! I follow you too ;-) xx

Thank you so much for the follow Cathrine, sending one back :)

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Hi Catherime, thank you so much for the message you left on my profile page! It is amazing but our experiences are really similar! I actually stopped doing cakes for a few years becaude I was finding it difficult to coincide my full time job, my family and cake decorating. However in 2007 my sister asked me to do her wedding cake and after that I never stopped! No I try to find excuses to do new cakes! Your cakes are lovely too and I look forward to see more of your cakes! Thanks again!

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Lovely cakes, now following

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx