Cake Disasters

Do you have a cake disaster story to share? Tell everyone how to avoid of doing the same mistakes.


What have I done wrong? 13

Exactly the same cream cheese frosting recipe on both, one grainy, one perfectly smooth. Of course, the grainy one was the first one and I had to redo it and the second one was perfect. I don’t know what I have done wrong with the first one....


Leaning Cake!! 0

Hi everyone, I have been making cakes for 1.5 yrs now. I recently had an order for a 5 tier cake with each tier 5-6" tall. cake was 6"8"10"12"14" . first 3 tiers was stacked and was fine overnight. We stacked top 2 tiers on site. it looked...

Choc mud cake 0

Hi guys! I have this choc mud cake That is thé best! Only thing is have to cook it 1 hr 30. On lowest rack at 160. But! Only thing is cracks slightly and dry on top about 3/4 of an inch i have to cut off! How can i avoid this! Any ideas thanks

Can an entire cake be frozen? 19

I just finished a cake this evening for a friend’s wife’s birthday. I was told when the order was taken that the date of the birthday was the 21st of March (it’s in the email he sent me) but when I told him it was finished this evening he...

BellaCakes & Confections

Can one Cake have to many themes? 8

Hi everyone looking for some advice one an upcoming cake design. I have been asked by a sweet 5 year old to make a cake with My Little Pony’s, Ariel, Hot Pink, Zebra stripes and Cheetah Print. I have drawn up 3 or 4 cake designs and its just so...


Help....Air bubbles 1

Hello all of you wonderful cake decoraters. I have a problem. For some reason once in a while I will get air bubbles under my fondant. What can I do to prevent this? PLease help

Hair in fondant 10

I know this may be a silly and an embarrassing question? But, I think we all may have experienced this at least once! I have been working w/ fondant for a while now and as much as I clean surface areas where I work w/ the fondant, I seem to...

Tina Salvo Cakes

bad cake day today 2

.. just feeling a bit sad, yah i know ‘its just a cake’… but its my pride okay.. when u are almost done and u are beating the last hour to deadline and disasters happens.. helpless and clueless what to do. i want to cry but all i can do was laugh...

Raewyn Read Cake Design

My Upside Down Ganaching fail :( 17

I had to review last months featured tutorial for the Cakes decor Gazette….Sigh…..I tried and failed. Think I’ll stick to my usual trustee method by Michelle Rea of Inspired by Michelle. Works for me every time, no muss, no fuss. So because ...

Nicole Marker

HELP! Cake artist needed in Long Island NY....Yikes 2

Hi cake peeps! I am having a shaking my head moment…. A woman ordered a cake for this sunday sept 30. I looked at the message, gave her some ideas. We decided on price and colors etc. It is a Peter Pan 3rd birthday cake. I was looking through...



Hi, can anyone help me, I am currently covering a 3 tier cake and am getting the dreaded bulge in between the layers, is there anything I can do??


Cake Disasters!! Delivery mishaps, melting what's yours!! 7

Mine was traveling 35 mins from my place with 2 small cakes & they fell apart when later I realized NOT to put heavy toppings on any cake until you are at the location where it’s suppose to be dropped off I KNOW THAT NOW…. Add last touches on...


Five tier cake! 6

I was asked to do a five tier enchanted forest cake! My first three tier cake didn’t go so well but I corrected my mistakes and have had success with my tier cakes. Now a five tier cake will be a challenge. My question is, do I assemble it...


What Happenned To My Cake? 7

This is the first time baking this chocolate fruitcake (or any fruitcake for that matter). When I got them out of the tin/s this morning (left overnight to cool in the tins) and turned them upside down they both have large dents in the...


Negative feedback 6

Has any of you ever received a negative feedback about your work? If so how did it make you feel, and how did you handle it? I just got one and I feel very bad about. It makes me want to dig a hole and hide. I made a cake for someone the past...

marlyn rivera

can you help me find good cake to cover with fondant? 3

hi everyone! i been using a chocolate cake to cover with fondant…but sadly my fondant just teared apart and starting to melt….and my cake looks like melting too..can i use any kind of cake to cover with fondant? here is the recipe i am using...

Ann-Marie Youngblood

Encouraging blog post! 8

This is a great article for those of us who have met with a cake disaster and need some encouragement and know the right way to handle it. Check it and share it! We all need to know we are not a lone and that things will be Ok again! ...


How to deal with bad/negative feedback? 5

I am relatively new to cake decorating and I am working on building my business locally. I agreed to do a dessert table for the friend of a local business person (it was to be a photo shoot) completely out of my own pocket. The communication was...


Fondant cracking and fondant sagging 6

Can someone please help! I’m self taught and I just had my first disaster. Well to be honest, two in one day. I made my first three tier cake and when I delivered it, the bottom cake looked horrible! It looked smashed! I put supports in each tier...


Mixer turning white frosting grey 7

When I try to make Swiss Meringue Butter Cream Icing my Kitchen Aid is turn the frosting grey every time. Anyone have any idea why this is happening. Sometimes this happens with my vanilla cake mix too.

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