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Five tier cake!

I was asked to do a five tier enchanted forest cake! My first three tier cake didn’t go so well but I corrected my mistakes and have had success with my tier cakes. Now a five tier cake will be a challenge. My question is, do I assemble it completely then deliver it or do I do it in sections. The only problem would be that the design of the cake has a tree going up one whole side of the cake with branches sprouting out each layer. Leaves, ribbon flowers and butterflies on the branches. Can someone with experience in tier cakes give me some helpful information on this topic. It would be very much appreciated!!!!


Personally for a 5 tier I would assemble the bottom 3 tiers and the top 2 tiers and deliver that way. Then add the 2 tier to the 3 tier…but if you have a really intricate design that can not be put together that way then just make sure you have enough support. The biggest tiered cake I have done is a 4 tier, but the tiers weren’t very high either. Have you seen Edna’s video on how to stack a cake? She delivers all her cakes assembled. It may help you!

Tiff - MA

I only stack what I can safely lift/carry/transfer to cart. For me, that means I only pre-stack 3 tier cakes. Then, I do as SweetBee suggested and stack the other two tiers and place them on the 3 tiers at the venue. I’ve never had a problem doing it this way.

Thank you SweetBee and cakediva3! Very helpful! I’m so glad I found this forum! I am self taught and this website has helped so much and thanks to great people like you all who are willing to share there expertise with us less experienced decorators. Thank you!!!!

I would stack 4 tiers (using SPS system) and assemble the last on site. I would have trouble adding a pre-stacked 2 tier cake on top of the 3 tier because of the awkward weight issue. I prefer to add them only 1 tier at a time.

I would also stack 3-4 tiers (depending on the size and how heavy it will be) then add the last 1-2 when you set up at the venue. For the tree design you can split the tree where the tiers will be split (make sure it will line up when you stack it!) and hide the seam with a branch, leaves, flowers, etc.


Nikki, So Cal,

Gemma- If it is your first time delivering such a large cake- i would stack the last 2 tiers on site- leave yourself enough time to complete this at the venue- be sure to bring all necessary supplies and a repair kit.

I would not do a tiered cake without using the SPS system- they are very affordable, I get mine from Oasis. I think there are you tube vidoes on how to use them- one important step is to make sure you place your cardboard cake board on top of the sps plate so that the point pokes a hole in the cardboard- I usually make that hole a little bigger before I place my cake on top.

Good luck