My name is Nikki, I am a 100% self taught baker/decorator. I have been decorating for about a year and a half now and it is my true passion!


I live in Ca to and ordered from bakers kitchen large tubs of fondant they came in a huge box so.everything.could bounce around. The Fondant came open. I sent it back they sent it back to me in the same box but put that box into.another box. All the coloring I ordered was exploded all over everything.the rest of the stuff was bent tips,cake boxes with coloring and all bent from huge Fondant tubs rolling around. I tried to.get it credited but couldnt. So everything went in trash. Never will I buy from them. The shipping is low for a reason. They pack nothing just throw it all in a huge box.

You know, I remember reading that now that you bring it up. Thank you so much for reminding me of it!! I will definitely keep that in mind when searching for the best deal. I surely dont want to spend so much to end up being ripped off like that :( Thank you!

Nikki, So Cal,