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Red and Black Damask Wedding Cake

I was pretty thrilled to get an order for a non-traditional wedding cake in my two favorite colors. Though from the amount of work I was a little mad at it until I had it set up at the venue :P Black and red fondant covered cake, fondant billow, royal icing damask stenciling, and real roses. The cake is sitting on a 20" base board and BARELY fit, to give you an idea of the size :P

Thank you to everyone who gave me tips and advise in the threads I made before creating this cake!

-- Nikki, So Cal,

red black damask billow fondant wedding


Holly Bowers

Awesome! Did my first “tufting” a few months ago – just love the technique. Stiking cake design!

Stániny dorty

wow :-)) awesome!

Ann-Marie Youngblood

This is Lovely!

Carol Vaughan

Fan-ruddy-tastic! She’s a beauty! Absolutely stunning!


Your bunting is superb! Looks so pretty.

Nikki Belleperche

Thank you all so very much! :)

Marcia Hardaker

I LOVE IT! I have never seen anything like it, very beautiful.


Fantastic!! (I’ve been looking for this cake, after having read the threads.) The stencil work is particularly sharp. Just gorgeous!


You did an amazing job. These are my favourite colours also. Love every bit of it..

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Red and Black Damask Wedding Cake