Cake Disasters!! Delivery mishaps, melting what's yours!!

Mine was traveling 35 mins from my place with 2 small cakes & they fell apart when later I realized NOT to put heavy toppings on any cake until you are at the location where it’s suppose to be dropped off I KNOW THAT NOW…. Add last touches on site….



Mine is last week’s Idiot of the Year award: Do NOT, not EVER, store your ganached-ready-for-fondant stacked cakes in the oven because you’ll be stupid and turn it on to bake the next cake without removing the first one! (Remade it, delivered on time, but still mad at myself about it!)

Cakery Creation Liz Huber

Last weekend I delivered a cake to a lil’ones birthday party at a water park(in Florida). The party was inside however their AC was broken so it was about 100 degrees inside. Needless to say the cake melted after about an hour into the party. Thank goodness it was a friend of mine and they were ready to cut the cake right when it started to melt. Florida’s heat and humidity can have catastrophic effects on cakes!

Sarah F

Oh no!!! I think my worst one was delivering cupcakes and a cutting cake for a friends wedding. It was about an hour away and we were stuck in stop and go traffic. The cutting cake was a two-tiered cake even though they werent going to serve it so I was already eh about it. Well with all the stop and go in traffic when we got there it looked absolutely terrible. Part of the top tier slid forward, the layers started to bulge. I was in tears setting it up and took no photographic evidence of the cake LOL. I also gave the bride back the $$ for the cutting cake :(

Nikki Belleperche

both times I tried making topsy turvy cakes ended in disaster lol. I have yet to try them again. The first one I finished but as soon as I did and stepped back and just knew it was going down! And I was right.. The moment after I snapped a pic the bottom tier split. I popped off the top two and (thankfully it was a free cake for a friends bday) when I delivered the cake the top tier slid off the 2nd tier lol. It was nearly in tears at the time but now I find it funny! I was a beginner and I knew NOTHING about supports!

More recent disaster. A wedding cake (again for a family friend) when I stacked it I had cut the dowels too short which caused a split in the side of the cake. THANKFULLY it was a white cake and it was right through a damask pattern. The pattern and color of the inside of the cake matched so well it was nearly invisible. I dont think anyone ever noticed it but I was mortified all day because of it!

Fun Fiesta Cakes

I’ve had a mishap or two in my days – I made a graduation cake for my son, which took me hours and hours to complete. It had two books stacked on top of each other and a chocolate frame with his picture inside. We live 1 hour 15 minutes from his house and as luck would have it, we got stuck in the heaviest traffic EVER!!!! We live in Florida and the cake was in the trunk of the car, although the A/C was going full blast – however, by the time we got to my son’s home, the book covers had wilted and the frame had melted onto the cakeboard. I was mortified to bring it into a house full of guests – so I put on my happy face and announced that the books on the cake didn’t look so good because they were… USED!!! Everybody laughed and the party went on – but I was still mortified the entire evening~!!!


At Corpse Queen LOVE the name by the way!! Topsy Turvy cakes I have never tried to make eek!!


At Funfetti oh no!!! I hear you on that I CANT BREATHE till my cake is delivered and out of my hands lol