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Hair in fondant

I know this may be a silly and an embarrassing question? But, I think we all may have experienced this at least once! I have been working w/ fondant for a while now and as much as I clean surface areas where I work w/ the fondant, I seem to always catch a piece of hair in the fondant, and I ck really good and try to remove any hair before I apply it to the cake or it dries! I really Love decorating cakes w/ fondant, but I’m really scared that someone may find a hair one day, and that would be really embarrassing!

I wanted to get some feedback from some of you as to some tips or what do you do in this situation or is it even preventable at all??


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Do you have a cat or dog in your house?

I do have a cat, but it’s not cat hair! It’s human hair. I always wear a headband to cover my hair! It’s getting frustrating! :(

You could try rolling your fondant between two sheets of cling wrap or keep wiping your worktop with an anti static cloth.

I have found that if I make sure I am wearing a chef’s coat or shirt of that same polyester blend like apron material (and of course hair pulled back and up) – I don’t have that problem. I wash them everytime I wear them. If I wear anything all cotton, knit, or sweater-like that is were the problem is for me – hair and lint are able to collect on the clothes and easily transfer to whatever you are working on. I have dark hair so I usually wear white or a light pink so I can look over the coat and make sure there isn’t anything on it.

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I’ve have noticed something more like lint, especially on white fondant, and this is while wearing a chef’s coat, apron, hat…this is while working at a culinary school, I’m a student, and they are freaks about how clean the kitchens are! I still get a little lint no matter what, at first I thought it came from the coat I wore over my chef coat but it even happened in the summer.

Some tips that help me reduce my lint problems since I don’t have a chef coat are
1. I roll myself with the sticky lint roller before beginning any project
2. keep scrap piece of fondant to roll in your hands before you touch your real fondant
3. roll the fondant between vinyl sheets like THE MAT from sweetwise

All these have helped me out tremendously


I did try some of those tips! Bought the original mat a while ago and hair was sticking to the mat! I will try the cling wrap! Thank you all for your help! :)

I always were a hair net and I do the same as Jennifer at Prima Cakes – I sticky roll myself to make sure all the hair and lint is removed from my clothing before I enter my kitchen or workspace. I’m paranoid too about stray hairs – it would be my worst nightmare if a client complained of one.

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