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Can an entire cake be frozen?

I just finished a cake this evening for a friend’s wife’s birthday. I was told when the order was taken that the date of the birthday was the 21st of March (it’s in the email he sent me) but when I told him it was finished this evening he suddenly realised he’d told me the wrong date and that the birthday is the 21st of April. I’m in a dilemma. Can a cake on a 14" board be frozen? The fondant has been coloured black to look like the fifty shades of grey book and I’ve visions of it running and bleeding if it was defrosted. I really don’t know what to do. He paid me for it when I took the order. Should I just tell him it can’t be frozen and needs to be made again? But then I’d have to charge him at least for the materials for the second cake. Help me. What should I do?

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Oh my I feel for you! I had something similar happen to me. I made the cake over again. I know you
you can freeze the fondant but I dont trust freezing it on the cake I would be to affraid that the fondant would slide off the cake as it defrosted. And then the color bleeding would be a major concern. I truely hope someone can give you a way to make it work. But I have seen your cakes they are to beautiful to take a chance my advice would be make it again.

Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

Oh my! First of all, communicate with the client that since this is his mistake he may be in for an additional charge. If you do the cake again, that is a cake you can’t do for someone else and you deserved to be paid for that. That’s the business answer.

Now technically, you might be able to save the cake. I would start by loosely placing the cake in a plastic garbage bag and tie the top closed with a pipe cleaner. Make sure the bag is loose all around the cake. This bagging will help minimize the condensation that’s going to occur. Place the bagged cake in the freezer and think positive thoughts.

About 3 days before you need the cake, move the bagged cake from the freezer to a fridge / cooler. Next day, remove from fridge and remove bag. Place at room temperature. You want to slow the thawing process down as much as possible. And once it comes out of the bag, don’t touch the cake until the fondant completely dries, which is going to be a day or 2.

I keep fondant cakes in the fridge every week, but the freezing process scares me a little, especially with the fondant. If you decide to do this, I would like to hear how it worked out for you. Good Luck!!

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

I would have to agree with BellaCakes & Confections. I would not take a chance freezing the cake for that period of time. If we were in the same situation, we would inform the client that it was their mistake and that they would be responsible for an additional charge to recreate the cake. GOOD LUCK!


I have to say I share your concerns ladies, but I’ve done what you advised Jennifer. I’ve informed him that I’m trying to salvage the cake and have frozen it, as per your instructions. I’ve told him that I will defrost it a few days before the party but that there is a likelihood it may not defrost well and that the colour could bleed. I’ve told him if that happens I’ll have to make another one and he has agreed, since it was his mistake in the first place, that he would pay for another cake to be made if that happened. I sent him photos of the finished cake and he was delighted with how it looked. In future I will double check dates with everyone to make sure. Thank you all so much for your advice. I had no idea what to do. xxx

I will be sending you positive thoughts! I am so glad for you that Jennifer could give such amazing advice
on how to save your work. I am also looking forward to hearing how well this technique works out for you!

Diane, South Eastern Connecticut,

I’m hoping the fact that the weather here is quite cold at the minute and April isn’t known to be too warm or humid either will help. I have my contingency plan should the worst happen but I’m hoping for the best and will let you all know how I get on. It’s bound to be worth a try considering that I would have been throwing it in the bin otherwise? x

And thank you for your lovely comment about my cakes Diane. I have seen yours and they are amazing. I can only hope one day I’ll be as good as you, Jennifer and creative cakes. x

I hope it works well for you as it is an educated guess. Please make sure you come back around in a month and let us know how it goes. And your cakes are lovely BTW – I especially like your figures – mine always look wonky, which is why I don’t do them very often!! :)

Jenniffer White, Cup a Dee Cakes -

I’m completely bowled over that you like my cakes Jennifer. :D I’ll definitely give you and update in a month’s time and let you know how everything goes. :)

The time has finally come to take the cake out of the freezer. I’ll report back on Saturday to let you know how it goes. Wish me luck. x