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What have I done wrong?

Exactly the same cream cheese frosting recipe on both, one grainy, one perfectly smooth. Of course, the grainy one was the first one and I had to redo it and the second one was perfect. I don’t know what I have done wrong with the first one. The only difference is that I beat the cream cheese/butter faster when I added the sugar on the grainy one and slower on the perfect one. Is that what I have done wrong? Beating fast?


Dina @ miettes,

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What buttercream are you using if it’s Italian it just needs beating more but if it’s Swiss looks like the temp has gone a bit hot & the egg has split hard to see properly ;-)

Jo, NZ,

Jo, it’s CREAM CHEESE frosting, so just cream cheese, butter and sugar!

Dina @ miettes,

It just looks as though it has curdled slightly from over-beating perhaps … that, or sometimes it can just be that it’s a different batch of icing/confectioners sugar ? I’d be tempted to put the grainy one back in the fridge to chill and then re-beat … Lou x

Lou, S.Yorks UK

Sugargourmande1, I will try to rebeat, as I kept in the fridge :-)

Dina @ miettes,

How did it turn out, any luck ? Or did it end up decorating the bin ? ;)

Lou, S.Yorks UK

you Beating fas, the cream cheese is crazy :-(

you can over beat the cream cheese and separate the water right out of it. I always whip my butter/hi-ratio first until light and fluffy (and the yellow color has disappeared) then add the powder sugar. Finally, I add my cream cheese the very last.

and there is a method of adding in softened and pre-whipped cream cheese into a meringue based buttercream like was mentioned (and it is so fabulously yummy!). The pic does look like a SMBC or IMBC gone wrong.

Thank you Jo, SugarGourmande1, Elena, lorieleann for your responses!

SugarGourmande1, I tried rebeating straight out of the fridge, much smoother looking (see pic), I will let it come to room temp to see whether the consistency is ok.

Elena, I guess cream cheese is crazy !!!

Lorieleann, thanks for the tip, I will try it next time )

Dina @ miettes,

Left it out at room temp, and the consistency was spreadable and acceptable :-)

Dina @ miettes,