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Tool Review Airbrush!!

Well I just had to put a review in on this as its transformed my cakes and such an easy product to use. I have used a couple of different airbrushes abd found one that allows you to change the mode i.e. strength of airflow is certainly...

Toddler Tutorial

would like to share another tutorial hope you all will like it have fun with it

Tool Review: my new modeling tools

I got such a lovely present from my dear friend Petra an today i worked with it for the first time. I must say that they work awsome, i am so happy with this tools thank you so much Petra :) and the first thing i made with it is a todler

Tool review: Stitching tool

The one tool I could not do without is my stitching tool. I have one from PME which has been with me since the beginning of my cake obsession and has never complained or broken. I use it for quilting as it is intended but also for so much more....

Tool Review : Dotting Tool

This tool is one of my fave. Actually it’s for nails art but i use it to replace the use of ball tools. Sometimes for very small details to make figurine, i can’t approach it by my finger or my normal ball tool because too big, that is the...

How to make mug cakes

An alternative to cupcakes? probably not, but these individual mini cakes make great gifts.

Wafer paper flowers #1: Wafer paper Peony

Please follow the link to my Facebook page for the tutorial

A Celebration of Friendship Cake and Social Media! ~ SSS Collaboration

Sugar Sharing Socialites Proudly presents their Inaugural SSS Worldwide Edible Artists Collaborative Event. A Celebration of Friendship, Cake and Social Media! Seventeen Cake Decorators From Around The World! Seventeen Social...

tool review - rose cutter

I think this has to be my most used cutter in my whole collection….. now im sur you all knowe I love my flower work, and I love making roses, I have the fab cutters from culpitt the large rose cutter set…. there are 3 sizes and I use them all...

Open Luggage Bar Mitzvah Cake

Bar Mitzvah cake with a theme of open luggage by A Little Cake. The luggage and sneaker is all made of cake, headphones, ipod, candy are sculpted from molding chocolate. For more visit blog: