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Thank you for visiting The Confectionery Gallery, where I share my love of the arts and confections. I focus mainly on cake toppers but I also enjoy creating cupcake toppers and designing unique and enjoyable ways in presenting desserts.

I have an art background, having been a Fine Arts major in college at one point and eventually graduating with a Bachelors in Art History.

In all things dessert decorating I found the perfect combination for my love of the arts and sweets (I have a sweet tooth).

May you enjoy the content and thank you for visiting.

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How to Make a REALISTIC, NO CUTTERS Echeveria Succulent: Topsy Turvy

This tutorial is a recreation of an actual Echeveria Topsy Turvy I own. The tutorial is super easy, as you need NO CUTTERS and use the same general manner to create all leaves, save a few slight variations as indicated. Please feel free to...

How to Make a NO CUTTER TULIP : Realistic Elements Sugar Flower

I dissected an actual tulip to create this tutorial as I wanted to give this gumpaste creation a touch of realism. The petal template ( as well as sizes for the pistil and stamens are taken...

Expressive Fondant Faces #3: Winking Girl in Stylish Ponytail

In The Confectionery Gallery’s latest Expressive Fondant Face tutorial, you will see how to create a winking face in a stylish and long ponytail. You will learn how to create a very simple yet effective support for the fondant face itself and...