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Thank you for visiting The Confectionery Gallery, where I share my love of the arts and confections. I focus mainly on cake toppers but I also enjoy creating cupcake toppers and designing unique and enjoyable ways in presenting desserts.

I have an art background, having been a Fine Arts major in college at one point and eventually graduating with a Bachelors in Art History.

In all things dessert decorating I found the perfect combination for my love of the arts and sweets (I have a sweet tooth).

May you enjoy the content and thank you for visiting.

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Modeling Chocolate Flowers #1: Thistle - Wired Modeling Chocolate Flowers

Attached is a tutorial for making wired Thistle flowers from modeling chocolate. In addition to using colored modeling chocolate, I also added color using petal dusts and a bit of the white Edible Art Paint color as well. No Cutters, No Veiners,...

Expressive Fondant Faces #1: Expressive Fondant Face - Tongue Sticking Out

A tutorial on how to create a complete expressive fondant face, along with a hairstyle that adds to the expressiveness. I was having a hard time creating ponytails for my figures when I finally figured out how to easily create the look I was...

Sugar/Gumpaste Succulents #1: Calico Hearts Succulent Tutorial

One of the many sugar succulents The Confectionery Gallery has made and will be making. You will need NO CUTTERS and NO MOLDS to make this colorful sugar creation. May you enjoy the content and Thank You for watching.