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The Confectionery Gallery

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Thank you for visiting The Confectionery Gallery, where I share my love of the arts and confections. I focus mainly on cake toppers but I also enjoy creating cupcake toppers and designing unique and enjoyable ways in presenting desserts.

I have an art background, having been a Fine Arts major in college at one point and eventually graduating with a Bachelors in Art History.

In all things dessert decorating I found the perfect combination for my love of the arts and sweets (I have a sweet tooth).

May you enjoy the content and thank you for visiting.

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No Cutter JULIET ROSE: David Austin Style Sugar Gumpaste Tutorial

I have been wanting to create a David Austin style Juliet rose for some time now but found it difficult as they are all so beautiful and was hard to choose which version and/or color combination to try. I settled on a Juliet Rose in muted...


I took a Magnolia from a tree in my front yard and studied to recreate it in sugar – the sizes and shapes in this tutorial’s pdf petal templates came from actual measurements. You will need NO CUTTERS. Making a realistic sugar flower is all in...

How to Make a FONDANT FACE: Short Curly Hair - Girl

I decided to experiment with adding curly hair to my latest fondant face creation. I also gave this face a slightly pouty mouth and added the eyebrows ever so slightly higher than normal in order to give the face a bit more expressive look. I...