Hello everyone and thanks for popping in!

My name is Christina Wallis and I'm totally and utterly in love with SUGARCRAFT in general and in flowers in particular.

I make Sugar Flowers and Cold Porcelain Flowers, and paint cakes using watercolour effect and have 60 + sugar craft tutorials on my Youtube Channel.

I'm quite happy to answer any Qs to do with my pics / tutorials / materials used, though the quickest way to get an answer will, probably, be my Facebook or Instagram as I seem to spend half of my life on those, lol!

I speak English and Russian which is why many of my tutorials are in both languages. Again, I'm happy to reply in either languages, for all else there's google translator, bless it :)

Thanks for popping in and if you want to see what I'm up to on daily bases, my INSTAGRAM is the place to go!

I run a website but because I produce a lot of work , it is often outdated, compared to my activity on social media.

My CAKELOSOPHY channel on Youtube: WEEKLY Sugarcraft Tutorial ( every Thursday)

I'm on INSTAGRAM a lot, post every other day, most weeks, and normally post an 'in process' story video, when I'm making something new.

On my FACEBOOK I post a weekly creative update, generally on Sundays and planning a weekly post of what inspires me: others' cakes and flowers as well as general art and culture refs which influence my creativity in some way or other...

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4 th of July Top Hat Cake Tutorial ( American Independence Day )

4 th of July Top Hat Cake

Cake TUTORIALS in RUSSIAN: #1: Как Рисовать на Торте, Aкварельный эффект: Пеон

Please remove is non-English tuts are not allowed :)

PAINTED CAKES and Sugar Flowers #5: 'Watercolour' effect on Buttercream ( Drip Cake )

Hello everyone. I’m going to put few tutorials from last year on here. This is the first one. Watercolour effect on buttercream, easy to do, give it a go before the whole ‘drop cake’ thing goes out of fashion! Thanks for watching!



vida cakes ...

Love your work. I will follow you 😘😘

Sweet pear ...

I’m so glad you joined us !!!!!! God heard my prayers like you I was need someone who speaks Russian and works in a style of which I dream.I follow you from Russia!!


Привет, у вас отличный Английский так что можем и на том и на том :) рада от вас услышать :)

Sweet pear ...

Thank you ))) this is only Google!


Поразительно, раньше он был безполезный а сейчас не плохо!

Gâteau de Luciné ...

Privet Christina, ochen’ lyublyu vashi cveti, oni prosto kak nastoyawie, zhivie 👍👍👍👍. S neterpeniem budu zhdat vashix novix tvoreniy.
Following you with great pleasure from France✌


Hello, Gateau de L and your beautiful cakes, спасибо за комплимент :)

Sweet Prelude ...

Lovely work!! :) :)

My Sweet World (Elena) ...

Beautiful work Christina, your flowers looks so real and your videos will definitely help many of us-newbies.Following on Youtube and Instagram too so I’ll keep on with your news :)

Floralilie ...

Christina!!!! Didn’t know you are here too!!! 😍😍😍😍