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Wedding Cake Disaster!

I nearly had a heart attack today and still feel like I am until I hear back from the bride. Today I delivered a wedding cake and when I opened the back of my car to take the cake out, I found the cake SLID OFF the fondant covered board!!!!! Infact, the fondant slipped off the board. This has never happened to me before and it had to happen on a wedding cake???? The cake was leaning against the side of the trunk resulting in a dent on the side of the cake but thank God the fondant didn’t tear, only dented. Nearly all the decorations popped off from the impact. I brought an emergency kit but wasn’t prepare for this disaster. I slid the cake back onto the cardboard base and brought it into the venue and placed it on the cake stand on the table. I had to cut away all the exposed fondant from the board because it was a total disaster and at that point it was better to have a naked board. I placed extra branches and leaves on the dent and put back all the decorations that fell off – thanks goodness I brought extra decorations. I left the cake looking as near perfect as when I put it in the car, thanks to the extra decor. My only fear now is that the cake will slide again as the evening goes on or worse, it will slide when the bride tries to cut it! I will not rest until I hear back from her and that all went well. I warned the head waiter to be very careful when handling it because it not stable… The table seemed level and the cake didn’t seem to be sliding as I was repairing it so that all makes me feel a little bit of comfort.

This is a result of placing too much shortening on the board under the fondant – I don’t think I’ll ever use shortening again. Thanks for reading and please give me some words of encouragement because I have been a mess all night and seriously contemplating if I am cut out for this kind of stress.
Maria :(

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Hi Maria, I totally feel with you! If you’ve fixed most of it like you said and warned the head waiter, then you should probably be OK. If it looked “OK” to you before you left, then no one will know what happened because I think we are our own worst critics, so if it felt ok, then it should be ok!!!

Hope you will get great news soon…

Dina @ miettes,

I can’t even imagine what you must have felt but if you thought it looked “ok” then I’m sure no one will ever guess that anything went wrong. Please let us know if/when you hear back from the bride. Your cakes are always gorgeous so I’m sure the bride loved it.

Oh dear, feel for you! Keeping my fingers crossed on your behalf, am sure it will be a positive feedback. Going forward, use sugar glue to adhere the fondant to the board and then “gunge” to attach the cake to the fondant covered board – i.e if the cake has been iced on another seperate board. Gunge can be made from either adding some water to flower paste or mexican paste, forms a really sticky paste and dries rock hard.

Your cakes are lovely dear, do not allow this incident to dampen your spirit!!

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Oh Maria I fell your pain. Thankfully you are very resourceful and saved the day!. Disasters will happen but how we handle them shows our character. I am sure the bride will be pleased. We have bumpy roads in Cayman so I always use a central dowel after a similar incident.

Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. It means alot to have support and advise from fellow bakers. No word back from the bride yet so I can only hope no news is good news, but she is on honeymoon now.
Thanks again.

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I’m sure the cake will be fine – maybe it was too warm in the car and that caused the cake to slide off the board. it was great that you brought extra decorations and that the fondant didn’t tear -

Don’t worry… I’m sure it will be great!

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I’ve always used decorator’s gel on the boards when covering them with fondant. The down side is if you don’t position the fondant just right the first time, there’s no repositioning it! The cake looks amazing.

OMG it looks beautiful, I had a disaster on a wedding cake just over a year ago and I am still traumatized by it, it was a very hot day and the cake was in a fridge and as we finished it in air conditioning, when we took it out to bring it to the event, the car was cooled but obviously the cake was too cold, it was like a cake “hurricane” we took it into the venue and as we were working on it we could see it was like it “blew up” one whole tier, the base tier just broke apart, like almost totally split in half which made the rest of the cake unstable, we repaired it to the best of our ability and left telling the venue staff about the problem and to be careful in the cutting and moving of the cake, well an hour after we departed the event staff called us to say the cake was almost totally a disaster but they had fixed it and sent us a picture. It all worked out and they said it was the best cake they ever ate but I still shake thinking of it.

OMG, Irishsparklemom, thank you for sharing your story. That sounds so scary. I’m so glad you had a positive outcome in the end. Last year my oven died on me in the midst of baking cupcakes for a wedding just hours away and I thought that was the end of my career but that worked out and I pray that this works out too. Major lessons learned! Thanks all for your support and well wishes! This is such an inspiring and caring group of artist and I appreciate your support so much!

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I had a novelty cake – that the customer decided to store right by the venue ovens. Since it was a cake that was shaped like a golf bag complete with clubs sticking from the top, by the time the party came – the cake had leant over at an angle similar to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Lesson learnt – always say to the customer, store in a cool place. (You would have thought the caterers at the venue would have known better – but there you go!)….:) Kx
Fortunately no wedding cake disasters!!

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