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What type of Fondant do you use?

I’m wondering what type of fondant everyone uses. More orders are coming in and I simply don’t have time to make my own fondant always. I love Pearl Clay but the Pettinice is too soft without the chocolate (and I think that’s more for decorations than coverage, please correct me if I’m wrong. Also, not all of my customers enjoy chocolate as much as I do). I use Wilton for decorations sometimes but even with flavoring I don’t like covering cakes with it. I know many rave about Satin Ice, but it’s so dry, I can’t seem to get good results with it. Fondarific/Duff are too soft. I’ve tried hybrids that have given me nice results but I’d really like something consistent. 

I recently discovered Nu-Wrap in Buttercream and Vanilla (I worry that the buttercream would be too soft as well) I’ve only found them in very large buckets though. I read some great reviews on FondX. 

Also,  Albert Usters Massa and Carma Massa Ticino Tropic sound wonderful but a bit pricier than I care to get into. 

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I used to use satin ice but I have switched to fondx. I think with both I get e best results when I use the mat from sweetwise.


I have used Satin Ice, almost from the beginning, when I stopped using marshmallow fondant. It is a great brand, but can have some issues like elephant skin, cracking and tearing at the edges of the cake… if you can work fast enough most of those issues can be avoided.

I know you said you didn’t want to get into Carma Massa Ticino Tropic because of the cost, but I recently ordered some to try it out and it is everything everyone says it is! Here in the North Eastern US, we have had weeks upon weeks of humid weather and I swear the Massa has been a life saver. It is pricier, but I find I use FAR less of it than I did of the Satin Ice… you can roll it much thinner, and I think in my recent orders I’ve, in fact, spent less on fondant that I used to with Satin Ice. The only thing is, that while it is a nice bright white color it is slightly translucent, so you need to have a white base coat of icing to have a white finish. The Satin Ice almost completely opaque, but I find it is less white in color to start with. I KNOW the cost is an issue, and it was for me to… but I don’t think I will go back! Unless, I need a really dark color, Satin Ice is great for their variety of vibrant colors, and honestly I just hate having to color fondant myself!

So, for a slightly cheaper option, my suggestion is Satin Ice… if you want to try, in my opinion, the best option (no tearing, no elephant skin, blemishes buff out nicely) then try Carma Massa Ticino Tropic.

*If you want to try the Massa, without committing to the 15.4 lb buckets it’s typically sold in, you can order from They repackage it into 7 lb or 22 oz containers, in addition to the 15.4 bucket, so you can try it out for yourself to see if the expense it worth it.

I’m a huge fan of Fondarific and Elite by FondX. I still have some Satin Ice in the shop, and I’ll probably wind up buying more in small quantities, but I have really had problems with it lately. The Elite FondX stretches without tearing and I have never had elephant skin issues with it or Fondarific. I have tried the Massa before and it has a delicious taste and I liked working with it, but it’s just too pricey.

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I love using Pettinice to cover my cakes – never tears and really smooth finish. I think it’s actually quite stiff and not soft at all. For me it is more difficult to roll out than satin ice because of its stiffer quality, but I like that, I just have to be carefully to keep rolling it to make sure I don’t put a thick layer on my cakes. I used to use Satin ice for cake covering but always felt it had too many airbubbles and would rip easily so now I use it in small qty’s, like for decorating and figurines.

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Jennifer: I have wanted to try ‘The Mat’ for a while now, I’ve heard excellent reviews.

Happy Cakes: I made a large purchase of Pettinice and White Candy Melts, along with JD DVD for Pearl Clay, and many other things (I have a problem with binging when it comes to cake supplies!) so I decided to order some colored Satin Ice as well, since I too hate coloring dark colored fondant. However, I just ordered several 8oz colors (of the Satin Ice) they were super dry, all of them! They were bagged and sealed in a plastic container, just rolling it out with tons of Crisco for cutouts was difficult. Is it just me? Of course I want the best price but I also want my customers to have the best I can provide for them. Where do you purchase your CMTT from?

Jennifer: I want to tell you how much I love your website! I love the tips on Bridal Shows and everything in between! I’ve been thinking of trying the FondX. The Fondarific brand I bought was Black Buttercream, I just noticed they have some that aren’t labeled Buttercream-I assumed that was just the flavor though. Could this be why I thought it was too soft? Between Fondarific and Pettinice they are the best tasting fondants I’ve tried thus far.

Maria: I still have a lot of Pettinice left, I will have to give it another try!

Thank you all so much for responding, it’s very much appreciated!

I have had bad batches of Satin Ice before… but it sounds to me like, whoever re-packaged it for you left it out too long! It’s not usually so dry. I do remember that I tried their “buttercream” flavor, several times, and each time it cracked rally badly… so when i buy it, I only get the “vanilla” flavors.

I purchase the CMTT from L’Epicerie, the link that I provided above. They are located near enough to me, that it ships very quickly.

When I buy Satin Ice, I buy it from Global Sugar Art…

Awe, thanks! Fondarific and FondX are softer fondants than Satin Ice. I like to use Fondarific in my Cricut. I can roll it thin and then put it in the fridge for a few minutes. It will harden up nicely and it cuts like a dream! The Buttercream does refer to the flavor.

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I don’t like Satin Ice at all – very frustrating to work with. I’m now making my own using a combination of marshmallows and 1/4 of the 5 lb. box of Wilton fondant – it tastes great, it colors well when you add the color while melting the marshmallows and the texture is great – no ripping or tearing.

I make it on my stand mixer and it isn’t messy and it only takes a bit to make – I’m never going back to anything else. Best thing? Very inexpensive to make!!!!!

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Hi everyone! First I want to say how much I love these sites for bakers and decorators. There’s so much help available. I actually just ordered my first tub of Satin Ice. I had read really good reviews about it and only ever used Wilton’s fondant. I hate the taste of Wilton’s but now after reading the above reviews I’m kinda scared of using the Satin Ice. I thought it was really popular but now am not so sure. I’ve already ordered it and will try it out but are there any suggestions on what I should and shouldn’t do?
I appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions! Thank you!!

Also Jennifer – I love your blog and site. Yours is the first I started to follow in the cake world as I never searched or joined any of these forums before. I enjoy all the information you provide and how helpful you are. If there are other good blogs you can suggest to follow I would really like that too. Thanks again!!

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I use funcake, satín ice And And de decor o inf. The best for mi satín…