Hi everyone, I had a load of cake offcuts left this week, so I decided to make my first cake pops. The birds usually get them! Ive mixed vanilla cake with dark choc ganache and its come out really well, but I have buckets of the stuff! Ive rolled 30 cake pops for me and my family. Can I freeze the rest of my mix for another time, I think it will be ok but wanted to check with you guys! :-)

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Yes go for it. I love making cake pops but I know some people hate them! Poor birdies though ;)

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Hey Mel, they still get all the crusts! My boys hate crusts!

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

Lucky birdies, see I’d just blend it all together!

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Yes, you can freeze it. Christine and you can do much more than cake pops… you can give it any shape that you want…I did my angry birds cakes, a vase cake, my owls toppers…. with cake offcuts. xxx

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Queda muy bien

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