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I'm just a mummy that loves making cakes for my baby. I do this as a hobby for friends and family x I hope you like it ;)
LOGO CREDIT : A very special thank you to Julie M Usher for allowing me to use her image (those 2 cutest little bunnies) as my logo on my recent pictures.
Her amazing work can be found in her book "Cookie Swap"

-- Wallace x


The Custom Cakery

Hi there. I follow you on fb and only just realised I don’t follow you here on CD. Hello! Mel x

AWG Hobby Cakes

Hey Mellie xx thanks for following me :) xx Bev , thanks !z


Congrats on Top 3, Wallace’s hubby :-)

AWG Hobby Cakes

Thanks Dina xxx


Hi, ya thanks for the great comment and for following me now. \I am now following you too :) x
Ps. Great cakes too x

AWG Hobby Cakes

thank you Carol xx ;)


Love your models and cake designs. X

AWG Hobby Cakes

Thank you very much xx

Dawn and Katherine

wow ! your work is stunning :) xx

AWG Hobby Cakes

thank you Dawn and Katherine !:) xx

Leah Jeffery- Cake Me To Your Party

Thanks for the nice message you left Wallace- made me smile! Leah, xx

Lisa Salerno

Thanks so much for replying Wallace x she was a fool not to pay for one of your fabulous cakes x you should do that theme cake bet it would be number one here ! X

AWG Hobby Cakes

Hehe. ? Not sure Lisa! I’m intimidated by it to be fair!

Inspired by Cake - Vanessa

Hi, thank you for making me feel welcome on the site, the lovely comment and for following me. x

AWG Hobby Cakes

aw that’s a pleasure Vanessa – well done on being in top 15 already !!