Transferring images onto a cake 2

I read online that the only way to transfer an image to a cake is by using buttercream. I am not a fan of buttercream… I am also new at this. I started out just making my kids birthday cakes, and now I am making cakes for family and friends. I...

Caron Eveleigh

Hi From Carons Cakery 12

Hi everyone, I’ve been on this site for a while now and am amazed at the standard of cakery out there! I work 30+ hours a week so, fit my cakes in most evenings/weekends, it’s a real labour of love! I have my own website...


New here 9

Hello Cake Makers! I’m just introducing myself as I am new to this site. I’ve been in the cake business for more than 4 years but I’ve just quietly making desserts for family and friends during that time. I thought it was time to branch out a...


what a great cakes i found here 7

hello i am new here, i love to see all those awsome cakes… I am not as good as the most of you, i only bake for family and friends it’s a hobby and i love it. Hope to se lots and lots of creative art works …. This is one i made for my daughters...

New 14

Hello I am new here I used to love making cakes but sadly have had an op and cant make cakes any more but I am glad I found this site and look forward to seeing peoples wonderful cakes

New 4

Hello I am new here sadlly I wont be posting my own cakes as I don’t make any really but hope I will be allowed to look at peoples cakes here? Thanks

Extending and expanding! 2

Hi, I want to get my cakes out there but I don’t want to set up a shop/store. Which methods have worked for all you amazing bakers and decorators? Word has spread. Friends of friends contact me now so things are progressing, slowly. I have a...

New here 14

Hello! I’m new here and fairly new to decorating cakes! I’ve been baking since I was very young and have started baking and decorating birthday cakes over the last few years – self taught. I recently went on a decorating course which has...

Bb's Sweet "Treets"

Hey everyone! 12

I’m new here! I am just starting my own cake decorating business out of my apartment! Small space is tricky but whatever! I am gonna do what i wanna do and this has been my passion since i was 18 (I’m 27)… Anyways! Follow my page! I have a few...

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Cool New Tool 38

This is a great idea!!! Probably pricey, but think of the decorating applications.

Expressions Cake Art (Su)

Expressions: My story 11

Hi I am Sugandha from Expressions Cake Art. And this is my story I have had a baking obsession since I was 7 years old. My folks were posted into the remote recesses of Africa where buying cake for our birthdays was not an option. So we would...

Julie Anderson

Hi everyone 8

Hi there, I’m Julie Anderson and am new to all this. Think I’ll start by saying that I’m by no means even close to being a good a cake maker/decorator as many of u on here, I kinda started by accident just over 3yrs ago when a pal asked me if it...


Hello everyone 23

Hello , I’m new on here , my name is Viv Gibbs and started making cakes and decorating them about a year ago and no way as good as all you are . But with lots of practice I will get there lol , I just like decorating the cakes I have made

new 13

Hello I am new here I love looking at all the amazing cakes on here

Lilli Oliver Cake Boutique

Cake Obsessed 12

Hi everyone My name is Vedia and Im a cakeaholic. My company name is Lilli Oliver named after my Grandma…easier to pronounce and my favourite flowers are …Lillies so made sense to me. I love it on here, I signed up 2 moths ago but fell off the...

Alana Lily Chocolates & Cakes

New social media page tsū 32

I hope this is ok to post here, but I know Cakes Decor share all our posts without prejudice, unlike some social media platforms. Yesterday there was a small cake revolution where lots of cake pages discovered tsū (pronounced Sue) a newish social...

Kayleigh's Kreations

Hello Cake Lovelies 14

Hello all, I am Kayleigh, I am 27 and have been decorating cakes here and there since 2010. In Feb this year i decided to take the leap into caking full time and I am sooo glad I did! Not only have I learnt so many new skills but I have become...


Hi everybody 4

Hello guys .. My name is Purwa. I am new to this site and just learning to make my hands perfect in decorating cakes.. Just very impressed with all the work you guys do.. Too good . Hope to learn from u all a lot ..

Cake Pirate

Hello everyone, I am the Cake Pirate 8

Hello everyone, my Name is Milka, am 34 years old and from Munich, Germany. Two years ago I discovered my passion for cakes and cakeart and became totally addicted. Since then one part of my brain belongs to cakeart. That’s how I became the...

Cookies by Joss

Hello from chile! 9

Hi community! I’m José Luis (Joss), I’m a male cookie decorator from chile, I’m 26 years old, and I’m more than glad to know there are more sites like this! I came here as a reference of Andrea Costoya, and I’m happy to be here! Best regards...