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Hello Cake Lovelies

Hello all,

I am Kayleigh, I am 27 and have been decorating cakes here and there since 2010. In Feb this year i decided to take the leap into caking full time and I am sooo glad I did! Not only have I learnt so many new skills but I have become part of a truly fantastic community and made some wonderful cakey friends.

I would go as far as to say I have become totally cake obsessed with cakes! If I’m not making them, I’m boring my hubby talking about them!! I’m always looking for inspiration for my next project (or adding new tools to a wish list/basket!!)

I can’t wait to have a nosey at your amazing cakes and hopefully get to know some of you better plus learn new skills along the way!!

I can see myself losing a fair few hours scrolling though your amazing creations ( well the housework isn’t going anywhere is it??)

Much Cakey Love
Kayleigh xxxx

-- Kayleigh's Kreations xxx

new hello friendship cakes love



Hi there Kayleigh! welcome to Cakes Decor!!!

Kayleigh's Kreations

hello, thank you xx

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Welcome Kayleigh to CD…

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you June xxx

Pinar Aran

Welcome 😊

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you Pinar xx

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hi Kayleigh……welcome to cakes decor!
try not to get too addicted! :-)

Calli Creations

Welcome Kayleigh :) xx

Kayleigh's Kreations

Thank you both xx

Elli Warren

Hi Kayleigh!! :-) x

Kayleigh's Kreations

Hello Elli xx

il mondo di ielle

hi Kayleigh!

Kayleigh's Kreations

Hello :) xx

Sandra Smiley

Welcome Kayleigh! We are newbies together!