Caron Eveleigh


Caron Eveleigh

Aug 2013 383 Milton Keynes

I was a Hobby Baker for about 18 months. Baking for friends and family until friends started sharing my work and I got a lot more requests.

So, after a lot of consideration and an awful lot of nagging from friends/colleagues, I have decided to take the plunge and set up a home business.

I work full time as a Barista so all my cakes are made in my 'spare' time!

I love challenges, it's the only way to learn. Loving life! :)



Sweet ObsesShan

new follow here, have a blessed day.

Little Apple Cakes

Hi Caron, thank you so much for the follow, sending one your way too! :)

Caron Eveleigh

Thank you Selma, I find it difficult to get my cakes noticed on this sites as there is such a vast amount of talent out there!

Sweet Foxylicious

Hi Caron.. love your cakes especially the postman pat!!! So adorable. New follow from me, pop by sometime and say hi xx

Elli Warren

Hi Caron!! Your cakes are gorgeous!! Don’t know how I missed them, Definitely a new follower! :-) x

Caron Eveleigh

Thank you Elli, followed you right back!

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Hi Caron! Thanks for the follow, I’m following you right back :) we do have similar style your work is fab! X

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New follower here. Your friends were right to encourage you, your cakes are fab.

Caron Eveleigh

Thank you Gran Cakes, taken a look at your page, you have s new fan :)

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Thanks for the follow Carol! Your cakes are gorgeous so it’s a new follow from me. 😃 xx


Thanks for the Follow Caron, i love your Moon cake with your spaceman !