I've been making cakes since I was a young girl with my grandad, when he passed away I didn't really seem interested anymore. But after having two children and making birthday cakes for them I realised my passion was still there and have continued to bake again. I'm trained as a chef and was a course tutor at the Grimsby institute. I have recently left my job to open my own cake shop and I am very excited for the future :)
Thanks for visiting my profile I hope you like my work :)
Emma x


Oh thank you so much! :)

Tiggylou's cakes

So welcome love your work girl


I love your work too!! Congratulations on your new shop!


Cakes are lovely …at first I thought I had a cakey neighbour…there’s a Grimsby about 45 min from me. Alas …it’s Grimsby UK….oh well were CD neighbours.. :o)

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Yes I’m in the uk, thanks for the follow! And all the lovely comments on my pictures x

Tiggylou's cakes

Hi Emma, I’ve been browsing your cakes, we have some similar ones :) yours are all so pretty :)
New follow from me, I look forward to your next post xxx