Bakery owner since 1979.
Married to my hubby Tony since 1975 (I was 16!) First daughter born 11 months later in 1976. Second daughter in 1981 and a son born in 1984. Our two youngest have worked at the bakery since they were old enough to have working papers. We are so proud of them! Hubby is retiring in a couple months and our son, Tony, will be making the final transition to 'fill his dads shoes' so to say.... Adriana has been doing all the day to day cakes for a couple years now, which leaves me to concentrate on just wedding cakes. Adriana and my daughter in law also take care of employees and scheduling. I still pay the bills... LOL!
I grew up in a bakery as my father opened his bakery the year I was born. I left home at 16 (long story) and moved to a different state where I got a job.....are you ready for a bakery! That's where I met my husband (a baker) was married a couple months later and the rest is history!


Hi Sharon i have just found your cakes, they are amazing and so detailed xx

ellie's elegant cakery

Thank you Ellie! After 40 years of decorating, I still love it!