how can i delete my profile

hello i want to delete my account because i i am not active any more can you tell me how?
There is no unsubscribe button.


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

You have to send a message to Michal Admin of CakesDecor.

Elli Warren

Hi Jacqueline! June is correct you will have to email Michal to delete your account, we will be very sad to see you go!! 💕💕 xx

My Sweet World_Elena

So sad that you want to leave Jacqueline! ☹️ Your work is always admired and so wonderful for us to see 💖


will think it over but not sure thank you so much

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

Jacqueline, dot go…

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hi Jacqueline, I’m a hobby Baker like you and I’ve been very inactive on here for quite sometime now, but I have an upcoming cake and it’s been great the past few days to come back on, see some similar work and get advice. This place feels like home to me. I think maybe you don’t need to delete, just have a break for as long as you like, I know everyone here understands and would miss you and your work if you left xx <3