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What skills would you like to improve?

I am often overwhelmed by the range of expertise on CD. There are so many who have honed their skills to such a high level.
I have decided to focus on improving my figure modelling, flower making and building up my royal icing piping skills.
I would be interested in what three areas you would like to target, and maybe why and how you plan to do this.

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For me it would be most definitely painting/drawing (as mentioned on the latest cake). I am a great admirer of Calli (Callicious Cakes) and love her painted roses and have always wanted to do a cake with these on but me and a pain brush just don’t get on!
Having said that my husbands Aunty is a brilliant artist who paints for a living (paints on to vases etc). I have often thought of asking her for some tips etc, so watch this space……………… You will be waiting a few years I can tell you now lol (great talking point Linda xx)

Siobhan Buckley

I am with Carol on the hand painting especially roses and floral. I would also love to master the skill of sculpting a figure, just wish I had more time!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Definatley hand painting!!! Love the hand painted cakes but I really need to take a course to at least gain basic skills!! Would also like to improve figure modelling and try out wafar paper!

Susan Halil

I would like to have a go at modelling chocolate, royal icing and piping skills as I have ever really done any of these things. I might also have a dabble at flowers – I think a Gerbera would be high on my list. Where time permits I like to go and join a class for a new skill as it is fun to get out and about and meet other cakey people as well as see the skill demonstrated before you. Other than that, I usually try and work it out for myself and consult if I get stuck. My figure modelling is self taught, so I now find it fascinating to see how other people achieve their results. Good luck with it all Linda, hope to see some lovely creations showing off your newly acquired skills! Xx

Calli Creations

Many thanks Carol, I do enjoy painting and have already done a couple of classes and another couple coming up. How wonderful about your talented aunt. Yes you must ask her and get practising onto old boards covered in left over fondant. It’s all about being inspired, looking closely at what you are painting and also lots and lots of practise. Xxxx
This is a great discussion and one things for sure we all are on a continuous learning curve as new styles and trends come into the confectionery arena. I’m constantly inspired by all the styles, techniques, designs and trends from everyone. That’s why I love coming here.
I would very much like to learn how to work with royal icing (like stringwork etc) and also buttercream designing (flowers etc).

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Hmmmmm….. Linda…where to start??? It’s usually the dreaded time and Eeeee $$ for classes. I’m retired…and it’s still both!!! That being said….painting on cakes, improving my buttercream skills….covering a cake in, piping…and making realistic bc flowers….that’s definitely not easy. And really mastering getting clean, crisp edges on my cakes…always a challenge. That’s what so great about CD. You can see, look and learn all that cakey stuff here!! 😉

Karen's Kakery

For me it’s just getting the fondant onto the cake smoothly. I struggle with edges and would love to master the art of sharp corners. Most of my cakes end up with curved edges.


Hmm let’s see….sculpting figures, modelling chocolate, piping, painting, and the list goes on & on

Pamela Jane

I would definitely like to improve on my figure sculpting, sugar flowers, hand painting, and piping skills. I like what Calli said, that we are all on a continuous learning curve. Life would be so boring if we stopped learning! Another thing I struggle with is comparing my work to others’, being jealous and wishing I was as good as so many of the extremely talented artists on CD, but I am learning that what I should be striving for is improving my own skills instead. I love this quote, " Remember how far you’ve come, not just how far you have to go. You are not where you want to be, but neither are you where you used to be." Learning from others and comparing myself to others are two different things. I love the support and knowledge here on CD! It is invaluable!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Well said Pamela…..and oh so true. We all have our own cakey strengths and weaknesses. Just thinking too …just when you think there’s nothing new in the Kakey Kingdom….along comes some wonderful new technique!!! Always something…..Always learning…..Always challenges.

Roo's Little Cake Parlour

I am so interested reading all your responses, and the way we are all eager to learn new techniques or improve on existing skills. Love your post Pamela, I always compare myself unfavourably with others in most aspects of life, but a friend told me this quote “don’t compare your dress rehearsals with everyone else’s opening night.”
Anyway, back to our learning curve. Thinking about this has made me decide to get myself on a RI piping class first and get all lacey and pretty 😁

Pamela Jane

Thank you June. :-)I love that quote, Roo! I definitely struggle with that in other areas of life too. It’s so true that comparison is the enemy of contentment! Anyway, have fun in your class…I’ll be keeping an eye out for pictures! ;-)

Kelly Stevens

For me I want to learn/get better at sugar flowers. I have made a few different ones but they aren’t as realistic as I would like. I have a friend who makes gorgeous flowers & is willing to spend some time with me to teach me, we just need to find time in our busy schedules to make it happen.

I also would like to try airbrushing. Again, it’s a matter of finding time to give it a go. I work full time, play soccer two nights a week, baseball one night a week & also take pottery classes so spare time is hard to come by.

Lastly I feel my carving skills need a lot of improvement. I always find it nerve wracking when I have a cake that needs carving. Perhaps the key is having the proper knife?

Karen, for me I have found the key to sharp edges us using ganache under my fondant. I also purchased a fondant smoother for edges which seems to help as well.

K Cakes

Simple. Sugar flowers. I’d love to be able to create gorgeous, realistic sugar flower arrangements. I suppose I’m just too scared to even try. xx

Karen's Kakery

Thanks Kelly, I’ve tried Ganache but I don’t know if I’m messing about with it too much. It still ‘rounds’ of when I put the fondant on. I’ve tried pinching the edges with the smoother, but ended up ripping the fondant. I need a lot of practice before I’ll be happy with my edges xx