Siobhan Buckley


Siobhan Buckley

Oct 2014 1,528 Ireland

Hi everyone,
I am a working Mum with a great love for gardening and flowers of all kind , fresh and sugar, I run Tipperary Cooking Club here in Ireland however when Im not working I am making yet another flower, lol!! just cant get enough of it! I love all vintage things and draw my inspiration from them. I hope you all enjoy my work :)

-- Siobhan Buckley


SweetKOKEKO by Arantxa


Siobhan Buckley

Thank you :)


Your work is beautiful!!

Siobhan Buckley

Thank you Simmz x


Your flowers are beautiful – following so I get to see more! X

Siobhan Buckley

Thanks Judy x

Blossom Dream Cakes - Angela Morris

Just been looking through your collection of oh so beautiful flowers – really stunning. New follow from me, I don’t want to miss them! x

Siobhan Buckley

Aw! thank you Angela <3

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Thanks for the follow Siobhan! Your work is very beautiful xx

Siobhan Buckley

Thanks Christine, and likewise x

Lotties Cakes & Slices

Just spotted you Siobhan, love your beautiful sugar flowers, Charlotte xx

Siobhan Buckley

Thanks Charlotte xx

Petya Shmarova

Lovely cakes!

Angel Rushing

Wow your sugar work is amazing!! So detailed. My daughter is in love with Ireand…says her dream trip would be to go there one day. New follow from me

Siobhan Buckley

Hi Angel, thanks very much :) Its lovely here but very wet this year, cant remember the last sunny day we had here, they are few and far between at the moment :)