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Help please. I'd really like to try cake painting.

Hello my lovelies xx
I really want to start painting cakes…….but don’t know how, or where to start.
I know lots of you are fantastic artists and Calli I know is exceptional…….so I’m feeling a little intimidated about the prospect of showing anyone my efforts if and when I get started.

Do any of you have any tips on information that is a good place to start?
Are there any good books or video’s you’d recommend?
What type of paints are you using and do you dilute them with anything?
Also, how many colours do you think you need to start your palette?

Looking forward to hearing your replies xx
Thank you in advance for all your help……I know you’ll come up trumps…….you always do xxxxxx

-- karen,Gwynedd

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Dear Karen …Ive dabbed a little in painting on cakes….Im no expert but Ive tried 2 to three ways of painting on cakes
U can melt cocoa butter and then use powdered edible colours and paint with that. It gives the effect of an oil painting. Or You can use edible gel paints with vodka. Hope that helpsx


Karen, I haven’t tried it either but I do have these tutorials:


Calli Creations

Hi Karen…. Please please do not be intimidated….. For more years than I care to remember I’ve been telling and encouraging people to paint if they feel so inclined to… I’ve proved it over again and have seen people paint, when they were convinced they weren’t artists… I did an online class for Pretty Witty Cakes, which is all on hand painting and all the tips and things need to know.. It’s been a great success and get loads of feedback on it… It was these I did the online class…step by step… I used cocoa butter for these. And I also show how I use it too.
Herecis the link: https://www.prettywittycakes.co.uk/projects/photorealistic-flower-cupcakes-project
I’m a firm believer and say it (as nauseum) that we are all artists, it’s just a matter of tapping into the right side of the brain… There is a book I have to someone, which I read as well as it brilliant for people such as yourself, wanting to bring out your creative side.. It’s called “The Artists Way” it’s a deep and meaningful book on so many levels, but it’s a big eye opener.. A good read on developing your inner artist. Here is just one link to source it… It is this book. http://books.google.co.uk/books/about/The_Artist_s_Way.html?id=N82aqC0P2rsC&redir_esc=y … I gave my book to someone who said she wanted to be an artist and is now painting away happily I see and gone on to do workshops… And yes, workshops are Another source of learning.
If you have the desire, and if there is something that inspires you, then you are already halfway there… The rest is just practise and study deeply what y are painting. Look close at the colours and don’t be afraid to play around mixing them as you’ll. e surprised what fabulous colours you can create.ckeep a log of these colours so y don’t forget. Make a colour chart as well. Take your time… And enjoy it. I was not trained as a painter, but as a graphics designer so only did Commerial stuff like textiles, posters, flat 2D stuff, stylised stuff…it was only in 2008 I picked up oils and a canvas and did two paintings… I have had no training in oils (only graphics and advertising and design) , but used to watch an artist friend of mine paint, and so started to practise.
I also use colour dusts with vodka to paint with too… .
Yes, follow Goreti’s advise and look at all the online videos available… There are many really good ones.. And Craftsy as well… It’s good to look at them all as each shares their own technique.. And from there you can develop your own style and understanding of colour.. Get a few boards, cover them with fondant and practise… You soon will be one familiar with the painting and using brushes…
Please feel free to contact me any time… More than happy to help… I get messaged all the time and love sharing what I know..
Here is a pic of cupcake toppers I did for an online class…


Hi Karen
I sure am no expert, i’ll allow myself to answer you for the colors.
For a start up palette, the main colors you might need are the 3 primary colors (red, blue, yellow), and some white and black.
Red + Blue = Purple
Red + Yellow = Orange
Blue + Yellow = Green
Good luck with your paintings

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My lovely ladies xxx I knew I could depend on you all. Thanks Simrin for your information on mediums that’s a great help, and thanks Goreti for the links which I’m going to look at now. Calli, you are awesome and I’m inspired now to cover some boards and give it a try. When I was young I was reasonable at art. I was going to do an O level in it (that’s how old I am!!). I loved art and design and my dream was to be a window dresser for Harrods!!…….But Dad had other ideas and wanted me to get to work and bring home some board. So I became a machinist in a local factory, then through the years I worked as a pattern cutter and now work in my ‘day job’ as a Senior Garment Technologist on the retail side of fashion for a TV shopping channel….so I did well, but not at what I wanted to do……..anyhoo……..my artwork got shelved for MANY years, until I found fondant!! And now I’m itching to know if I can still draw and paint. So with you lovely ladies encouragement I’m going to give it a whirl. I just worry what happens if you make a mistake? Do you just take it off with Vodka? I’m going to stop trying to put barriers in front of me and just have a go. What’s the worst that could happen……at least I can just eat it and hide the evidence!!

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Serena, thank you for your help on starter colours. I’m going to order some asap x

Calli Creations

Ahhhh Karen, you are so welcome… Yes, starting with the basic colours and mixing them will create a bigger palette.
You see, that artist is still there… I only started art classes at school in my OLevel year (Yep showing my age too hahaha) as it was only then I decided that I did not want to persue a piano career… But as I loved to draw at home, from very young, art became my next focus.. By some Miracle I passes art and went to graphic college. The rest is history…
Please feel free to ask any questions and happy to help with what knowledge I have to share..
There are many artists here on Cakes Decor.. So between us all, we can give you advise… You’ll be painting in no time at all
Hugs xxx

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Thanks Calli, I can imagine you as a pianist. There are some amazing artists on CD and I love to see everyone’s work xx

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Goreti the links are a great place to start, thank you, I know I’ll visit them again and again xx
Calli the course looks great, I’ll look into that with Pretty Witty. I was a member with them before, but needed to cut back on outgoings and they were getting expensive. The Artists way looks really inspiring. I’ll definitely look into that. I did an Angel course last Summer which helped me to tune in and understand some of the things I always suspected about my spiritual side. And I now have a greater understanding and calm. I know I’m never alone, and my Angels are definitely coming up with the goods these days. I know that sounds weird…but I’ve started to open my mind and I’m learning nothing’s impossible if you just ask and believe. It’s the believing in me that’s the hard bit..lol xx

Allways Julez

OMGosh Calli! Wonderful detailed answer. I love your work and will have to come back and study your reply, in detail.
I am yet to try cocoa butter, but it is on my list of “things to do”.
Karen, I have mainly used progel colours mixed with vodka. I just love their range of colours. Other than that, my inspiration just comes from canvas artists that I recognise and love.
No training or classes (although they are also on my “to do list”)!
Have a crack at it! You will love it!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I won a book at my cake club Karen. Perfect for me. Has the basics, well explained, lists all tools etc. needed. Painting flowers on cakes.
Pasted below. Hope this helps.
Search Press | Painting Flowers on Cakes by Stephanie Weightman

Karen's Kakery

Ladies you are awesome!! Thanks Julez, I’ll look and see if you can get progel in the uk. June this book looks interesting. I’ll try Amazon and see if they have it.
Thanks again everyone. I’m feeling very inspired xxx Bring it on!!

Love Blossoms Cakery- Jamie Moon

I just bought “The Painted Cake” by Natasha Collins. I think it gives lots of good info on mixing colors and so forth. A great way to encourage yourself to paint on cakes is to start on paper. Start with an image and paper the same size. Fold both in fourths. Then keep with me, fold the image till only one square of the four can be seen. Paint each square individually. To make it even easier trick your brain by making sure the picture is being painted upside down. Part of intimidation with painting is the thought of painting the whole thing. If you trick your brain and paint it upside down your brain sees shapes vs say a cat. Once you realize you can paint then you will have more confidence and will see shapes instead of a whole to paint. Hope that makes sense.

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Oh Jamie what a FANTASTIC tip!!! xx I love this and going to give it a try today. If I can detach myself from the finished image it’ll be more like doing a jigsaw… Love this!!! And thanks for the tip on the book too xx

The Custom Cakery

I also use gel colours with vodka, any brand will do (and yes you can get progel here) I’ve used sugar flair, Wilton and progel.

I used to be so scared but now it’s one of my favourite things to do…the most relaxing way to decorate a cake! I’ve found some helpful tips and techniques by reading art blogs found via Pinterest. It’s not specifically for cake but it seems to be transferable. I’m not amazing by any means but my confidence is growing. Do have a try!!!

Dusts and cocoa butter are on my wish list :)