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Cake Controversy

Hi Lovlies

I have had a couple of controversial topics come up on my Facebook page this past fortnight and my husband clearly has no idea nor interest in this topic so I am turning to my CD family for some venting – actually no not a vent as I am not upset, I think it’s more appropriate to say “reflection” on these 2 completely different topics.

Okay haha I will just try get to the point.

1) Appropriate hashtagging
2) Scratch vs Box

The 1st one is about the term #foodporn or cake porn. I had a follower quite upset because I used these terms. She was quite offended and said that

“‘Normalising’ some words, like rape, pimping and porn de-emphasises the tragic social consequences these One Sided Power Acts are.”

It was my first time ever to even use the term and I think it was just an automated typing response since I see the tag often. You only have to search #foodporn on instagram and you will get over 51 Million results!

And over 150 000 for the term #cakeporn.

But now I wonder if I would ever use term again… what is your take on this?

Next issue:
2) Scratch Cake vs Box Cake
I use both depending on the circumstances but I don’t sell cakes at all, I am a hobby baker strictly for family, friends or charity.

Anyway when this came up some people were very harsh against cake sellers who use boxed mixes. I felt a bit uncomfortable reading the response because at the end of the day I think there are pros and cons to both.

What I found the most surprising was that the most vocal claimed that a custom cake should not be sold as such if they used a box and that it was ripping customers off.

I find this a little confusing because isn’t a cake decorator customising the design and yes baking the cakes are important but cost and time wise I don’t think there’s much difference and aren’t customers the deciding factor of what they like? I assumed most commercial bakers used a lot of premixes. I didn’t realise there were strong haters to box to the extent they are putting their fellow cake decorators down for using a box.

I mean what about box fondant, gumpaste, piping gel and cake lace?

Do they also need to start making their own chocolate from scratch? Where is the judgement line?

Again I don’t have a strong for and against, I just felt overwhelmed by the backlash.

I just feel in this circumstance people shouldn’t be so judgemental. It’s great to have a preference but to go so far as accusing sellers of cheating and ripping off their customers by using a premix seems a little over the top to me!

I don’t know, maybe I am just getting mellow in my old age? I mean there was a time I probably would have judged people unnecessarily due to my own immature insecurities, but these days I really do believe there’s never ever one best way to do anything….

Thanks for listening x

-- Naomi AKA Cairns Cake Lady, Australia or or

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Angel, The Cupcake Lady

I feel the hashtags you use depend on your personality, your (cake) style, and what you want to achieve with them – if you are tagging for SEO then using something like “cakeporn” or “foodporn” will get you further on Google than just “cake”.
As for using a box mix or scratch recipe – thats up to the baker. For me, pulling a perfect scratch cake out of the oven gives me a sense of achievement but the box cakes available now have come a long way.

Cake Decor in Cairns

Angel the SEO point seems to ring true with that particular tag.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I would never, ever use the word “porn”. I I find it a disgusting word, and the meaning attached to it. Just as one of your followers stated.
As for Box vs Scratch….a argument that will never be solved. As you mentioned, a hotly debated subject. I do scratch as I don’t like the preservatives and additives in the Box mix. I feel scratch has a better texture, and I like to use organic sugar, not the high fruticose that’s in the Box mix. My son is fructose intolerant. I grew up with a baking from scratch Mom. If I use Box mix, it’s a organic one and I always doctor it. I watch for organic Box mix on sale, and keep a couple on hand in a pinch. Many decorators grew up in homes with either Box mix, or grocery store cakes, so using a Box mix isn’t out of the ordinary for them. There use to that type of cake. As for “cheating”, you make a good point about fondant/gumpaste….making vs buying….another debate!!!

Cake Decor in Cairns

Oh gosh June I keep putting my foot in it! I don’t want another debate can of worms LOL!!

And yes I had never really thought about the term foodporn until she mentioned it and I will probably never use it again regardless of it’s mainstream foodie use. But I won’t be telling others they should not use it neither. :)

Allways Julez

I am a hobbyist and don’t sell cakes either, but I prefer scratch recipes. You are right, though… most places where I was employed to work, did use premixes.
As to your hashtag words… personally I do not find them offensive, but I guess the world wide web reaches many countries, different cultures with differing standards and beliefs.
In addition if a person was a victim of abuse, they may have heightened sensitivities.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

As Angel said, your free to use whatever you choose, it’s up to the individual baker. Depends on where you live, your customers, etc. And you have opened a can of worms Naomi, Ha Ha. Subject has never stopped circulating. Many cake groups on FB this subject is forbidden. If you start a conversation, it’s removed, and your warned. If you pursue, your removed permanently from the group. Some decorators are very, let’s say “passionate” about the subject to the point it can become extremely contentious, sometimes ugly. Many nasty remarks being made. SOooo, many groups just ban the subject/debate altogether.

K Cakes

Hi Naomi, there’s a can of worms you’ve opened right there! (Only kidding 😁) but I suppose what we would say quite innocently can take on a whole different meaning on the Internet. I am always taking photos of food and, in conversation, would use the words ‘cakeporn’ and ‘foodporn’ but I would be reticent to hashtag it on an Internet post. Google searches bring up the most disturbing images when you use innocent language never mind throwing the term ‘porn’ into the mix. For example, I typed in the word ‘Olaf’ when researching the character for a cake last year and a couple of images which popped up in the search for a children’s character were beyond X rated!!! In the context of the Internet then a less innocent word is fraught with danger. We know what we mean but unfortunately the WWW can’t make the differentiation and that’s why I’d steer clear of hashtagging it.
On the subject of scratch vs boxed, well, I’ve been baking since I was 12 years old. Decorating cakes was a complete afterthought for me which I just happen to do convincingly enough to get away with but the cake itself has always been most important to me. If you hate baking but love decorating I don’t see any problem with using a boxed mix but I would never dream of using one. I hope my cakes taste much better than they look but, truth be told, some people don’t care and would prefer a visual treat to a culinary one. Go with your own instincts. xx


I have no opinion on the scratch vs box cakes. It’s up to the baker. I know lots of people who use doctored cake mixes with great success.

As for the “porn” I wouldn’t use the word. I have to agree with the poster on your site. Something that starts innocently can have huge moral and ethical consequences down the line. I would avoid it.

The Custom Cakery

Instagram have been letting users of the hashtag #cakePORN #COCKtail etc that they’re going to be clamping down on it, a friend who does a lot of food photography told me yesterday. Personally I’m not offended although probably wouldn’t think to use it myself either.

Scratch vs box…sigh! Never to be resolved my friend! Ha. I would say it depends how it’s presented to the customer. I would actually feel I was cheating in that I promote myself as a quality custom cake maker…and to me that means scratch. If however cakers are up front about the use of them then fair play. It’s frustrating as a small business owner to be constantly undercut – perhaps mixes are part of that equation?!…

Part of me is more tolerant and part of my less so as I get older! Haha!

Cake Decor in Cairns

LOL June I will be sure never to bring it up again and please I am not asking anyone on CD what they think of box or sctratch just reflecting that I never realised it was such a controversial issue!

And yes I did on board what the follower said about out desensitising of words and I am more mindful of it.

Fancy Favours & Edible Art (Sawsen)

Hi :) my 2p:
1. I’m not fond of normalising sexualised language, especially not the normalisation of criminal behaviour like rape so I wouldn’t use it myself, although I don’t judge those who do because I’m sure 99.9% of them haven’t thought about it like that
2. As long as client and baker agree and everyone’s happy, who cares? I like scratch & homemade fillings so I specialise in those x

Pamela Jane

I agree that the term “cakeporn” is disgusting and inappropriate. I would never want to associate cakey stuff with something that is so horrific for all involved. Surely there is another term we could use to get the point across that we have a passion, obsession, addiction, even lust, for all things cake! Porn destroys people, families….I’ve never heard of cake doing that!

As far as the scratch vs box debate….as long as someone is not misrepresenting their cakes and lying to their customers, I think it’s totally a personal preference. If their clients are happy with the flavor, who cares what other people say about it? Just my 2 cents. :-)

Agatha Rogowska ( Cakefield Avenue)

I have no problem with the hasthags, i use foodporn often simply to reach bigger audience. Seriously there’s more importnant problems in the world than hashtags… I find ppl looking are for troubles where theres none…… you cant please everyone..

About baking – I love it and I do it from scratch but theres nothing wrong with using boxes… I said ages ago on my cake page everyone should mind their own bowl and lick their own spoon…

Haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potato ;)

Karen's Kakery

For me the work porn means something obscene and indecent and associated with something seedy and nasty so I wouldn’t use the word but this is a very weird world we’re in where we dictate to all the time and there’s no such thing as freedom of speech. As for Scratch v’s box, some of us are cake decorators, some are bakers, and some are both. You can use a premix if your not a confident baker or if cost and profit dictates. It’s up to the individual. But for me, I don’t want my cakes to just be decorated cakes, I want the cake inside to be home baked too. I like the people who eat my cake to know it’s been baked specially for them too and it’s not equal to lesser cost supermarket sponge.

Cake Decor in Cairns

Ha ha Agatha! “mind their own bowl and lick their own spoon…” I love it! Best quote ever!

And yes I thanks every one :) and I definitely don’t want to know what CD members like in regards to scratch vs box – just reflecting that I didn’t realise that it was such a heated debate. I think each to their own but definitely not putting down others for having a different preference. I am so glad I have not experienced that kind of debate on CD ever, and it is a lesson for me to be mindful of what I casually post on my Facebook page.