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5 tier wedding cake???

So I’ve been asked to do a 5 tier cake. She said she’s having trouble finding someone to do it….. I’ve only done 3 tier cakes. Could I actually do it ???? Lol :) how hard is it? Anybody done one? Advice? Should I say no? It’s basically just cakes covered in fondant wrapped with ribbon, she’s going to add some fresh flowers on the bottom and top…

-- Karen,


Bronecia (custom cakes)

I’ve only did a 3-teir double layer,,,I have faith in you,,,you will do good..


You can do it…..first time can be a bit nervous for you but just treat it as any normal cake expect this one you’ll be getting more money for it! Are you delivering it? If so think about the logistics ie. can you travel with it as a 3 tier then assemble the others when you get to the venue otherwise it will be so heavy for you to lift even with 2 of you! Good luck! xx


I’ve done a couple of 4 tier cake and one 6 tier. It is nervy but you can do it! Just make sure you support each tier really well – ample dowels and thick cake cards or even drums to prevent flexing. I use royal icing to stick the tiers together too. Don’t travel with it stacked – transport it in 2 halves and assemble at the venue. Some might even suggest using a central dowel that runs through all the tiers for extra stability which works really well (I’ve only done it once for a design that wouldn’t allow assembly at the venue), but you do have to drill holes in all your cake cards which means you have to find the exact centre of each which I found surprisingly tricky!
I hope that helps a bit. Good luck!

Sugargourmande Lou

I agree with everything Carol and Harriet (CakeyCake) have said, although I actually deliver mine ready stacked (a bit of a nerve killer, but possible with the designs I’ve done and not had an issue (she says touching wood ;) ) ) Internal supports are definitely the most important thing to think about ! As you’re going to be making simply covered tiers then I would transport them in the way YOU feel most comfortable and confident about … You’ve succeeded with 3, you’ll rock the 5 !! Good luck, keep calm, and have faith !! xx

K Cakes

My first wedding cake was four tiers but I’m sure five tiers wouldn’t be that much more of a challenge, although I suppose it depends on the sizes of the tiers? Mine was a 12", 10", 8" and 6". If you were to plop a 4" on top of that then there wouldn’t be a problem, but putting 14" cake on the bottom would double the weight of the entire thing so you’d have to consider wether that would effect your ability to deliver?
The correct amount of dowels is essential. If you wanted extra support you could go for one of the ‘cake frame’ systems for peace of mind? Also good thick cake drums on each cake instead of thin cake cards are essential for supporting the weight of the cake. If you still don’t think you can get the fully stacked cake there in one piece then assemble at the venue.
I’d definitely say yes if I was you Karen. You’re certainly more than fit for the job. 😃 xx

The Little Cake Company

thanks ladies! I think im going to go for it :) How do you learn unless you try right? I have told her that Ive not done 5 tiers before, but if shes happy, then I am lol.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond- and for your encouragement! sending you all virtual hugs xxx


All the best …cant wait to see it 😊

Bethann Dubey

I have made one .. I agree with the others just make sure you have a awesome support system.. Kevin put up some pictures on how he used piping … I will see If I can share the pictures :)

Bethann Dubey

I sent the pictures to you business page.. it is Kevin Martin’s page .. he show how he makes his support system.. I used pvc pipes in mine the ones that you use for water.. so it is food safe :)

Cake Creations by ME - Mayra Estrada

Oh my thank you for posting this subject as I have an event that requires 4 tiers and my largest will be a 16" which I have never done. I have faith in you and know you can do it. I may be asking for help to when it’s closer to my date :)


You can do it!!! Good luck! Ü

Nanna Lyn Cakes

You can do it Karen!