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help please Business name

hi im a new out here (0 days). seriously tanking of starting out my cake business and wondering if you can help me out to pick a name as my partner and I struggling :(
he thinks its a great name XS Sugar I think Little Bliss Cakes and sweet treats or Blissful little cake what do you think any other ideas? thanks for help in advance

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hi got my forms to fill for the business and every single one asked for business name and its a full stop there cant do a thing until I come up with one ohhh it will be a long day thinking :(

Naming a business is so difficult! I’m not sure if this applies to you but, when I started a liquor store years ago I had to have a name immediately to get the long process of paper work started. Since it was going to be a corporation, I chose a simple corporate name using my initials then when I did finally decided on a name, I applied for a DBA (doing business as) which is a very quick process. My liquor store was unique in that it had custom made cabinets and glass shelves throughout. I ended up naming it The Liquor Cabinet. After ten years I decided to close it and try my hand at engraving. LOL! So keeping all the beautiful wood and glass shelving, I named it The Memory Cabinet. Now, another 10 years have passed (I get bored easy) I have closed the engraving store and extended our bakery that we’ve had for 35 years into that space by making it into our cake decorating and consultation area. I’ve nicknamed it The Cake Cabinet but, haven’t applied for a DBA because it is connected to our bakery and doesn’t need it’s own name. Sorry for the long post….I’m extra chatty this morning!!
Here is a link to some suggestions:
Best of luck to you!!


It’s hard and so personal. Maybe search the names you like and ensure there aren’t already businesses in your area called that too.

Mel, Yorkshire,

I googled for inspiration, asked friends and thought about why I started decorating cakes. I got a short list of names and googled/searched on Facebook/ web searches to see how popular each name was.

Also thinking about what type of cake you want to make….mainly celebration cakes would work with a more quirky name then say mainly traditional wedding cakes?


hi ladies thanks for your reply. I would prefer stick to wedding cakes but as you start its a roud you have to go to get there thats why am struggling alot. still have time tilloday as I will be posting forms out. for now I have
1. Little Bliss cake design
2. AZ cake design
3. Style me sweet

all of them avaliable with all registrations. can you help me pick one.with one is your fab 1? 2? 3?

No. 1 is my favourite for what its worth! Good luck …..

Jen x

With a help of my beautiful girls we officially have chosen a name …….

Style me sweet
Cake Design

Woohoo I’m happy

Congratulations!! Style Me Sweet is a great name!