The Fairy Cake Mother


The Fairy Cake Mother

Dec 2013 641 Berkshire

Hi everyone, I'm Jen and it was after making one of my sons birthday cake that I was hooked ! It was a 3d Makka Pakka cake from the children's TV programme In the Night Garden. Prior to that I had never baked a cake before let alone iced one ! It took about 15 hours to make and at the time I was really pleased with it, then at the party someone said it looked like a burnt Teletubbie - they definitely had a point and we still laugh about it to this day !

Anyway, after many many months of practising and subjecting my poor family to whole array of cakes that not only looked bizarre but also tasted a bit suspect at times too I quit my job as an accountant and here I am !

I am amazed at all of the wonderful cakes on here and looking forward to sharing in this very talented community x x

-- Jen x


Julia Hardy

I came to see if you had put any cakes on yet. Still having trouble or not trying any more? I will help if I can – I love to see peoples work :-)

The Fairy Cake Mother

Ahh thats sweet thank you.

No luck as yet, funny enough I did submit a Frozen cake (oh the irony!) and as soon as I pressed submit it disappeared and haven’t been able to post a cake since ! whenever I click the Add bit at the top a blank square appears. I am now working on the assumption that either a) the frozen cake was rubbish and they thought “oh no, that’s not going on – we do have standards!” or b) as it was my very first post they are reviewing it first to check its not spam – did this happen to you ..?

thanks for checking in on me x

Heavenly Treats by Lulu

Hi Jen, just looking at all of your cakes – love them and look forward to seeing more – new follower :-D

The Fairy Cake Mother

Hi back at you ! and thank you – you are my very first follower ! as you can probably tell I am new here and still figuring it all out. Off to stalk all of your creations now ! xx

Julia Hardy

Hi Jen – sorry I didn’t see your reply. That is the only problem I find with this place, unless you physically tick ‘follow discussion’, you don’t get to see someone’s reply and I didn’t tick it :-/.
Anyhow, I see you have managed to upload some pictures now and how wonderful they are! Really lovely work and now you have 2 followers! :-D x

Nanna Lyn Cakes

Hi Jen, new follower here, love your cakes

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Jen, thanks for the lovely message you left on my profile page and for the follow!!! Just seen your cakes and I love them!! You have a new follower too!!


Hi Jen, thanks for the lovely message and you are welcome, your work is lovely. Look forward to seeing more creations xx


Hi Jen…Great cakes! U have a new follower ;)

Dulce Delirio

your cakes are so beautiful!, lovely work!

Ellie @ Ellie's Elegant Cakery

ooooooo just found your lovely cakes, looking forward to seeing more x


Hi Jen, thank you for following me! Can’t wait to see your new lovely cakes :))))

Bella's Bakery

Thanks for following!

Karen's Kakery

Hi Jen, following you now xx


Hi Jen!! Thanks for the lovely comment you made on my cake!! Saw your lovely cakes — looking forward to see more!!