Hi all lovely cake bakers and decorators. My name is Aušra originally im from Lithuania but have been living in Scotland UK for years. I started cake decorating not long ago when my little one was turning 4 (November 23 2014) I wanted to make her birthday cake, and that just hucked me it been not a day that I don't think cake. I am self thought just by watching tones of videos where I have learned everything I know today. I have big dreams that I'm wishing they come true, as we all do don't we :)


I’ve added you to my follows, can’t wait to see more of your cakes

Kristy, Texas - www.facebook.com/KosmicCustomCakes

Love you cakes,I just gotta follow you to see what else you create x


Thank you ladies. It’s very nice to have someone admire your work :)