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Edible pen disappointment

I had endless problems trying to create the “cartoon” image, on my most recent cake. I was extremely happy with the hand painted colour… then I tried to create the black lines with a black edible colour pen. The new pen appeared “dry” and wouldn’t “write” properly… so I decided to take the end off, and add a couple of drops of water. At first it seemed to work… then decided to “splot”… leaving me to mop up and clean up areas, then back to recolouring! Eventually it seemed to create nice solid lines, but quickly faded to a thin, grey line again.

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to completely redo… so now when I look at the pic, I only see the faults.

I have seen many beautiful cakes that have been created with edible pens… they seem to have a nice even colour. Has anyone else had a problem with them? If not, what brand would you recommend?

I used a Sugarflair Sugar Art Pen in Liquorice colour. At a cost of $8.90au… I was extremely disappointed in the product.

-- Julez,


Little Apple Cakes

What about alcohol, have you tried that instead of the water? That is terrible for such a price, I have Americolors and they work good for me, if I have patience to leave fondant/gumpaste to dry…
I have used them on a bit wet too and it ruined the sharpness of the marker so… I learned my lesson too ;)

CakeHeaven by Marlene

I have the same problem with a black pen that I have. I normally leave it with the tip down (covered of course) for a few minutes before I use it!!! But I would love to hear what good brands there are for future reference. Thanks for asking such a useful question, Julez!

Bethann Dubey

I have tried them I don’t like them .. they never work.. I use a watercolor brushes for the black lines .. and it is awesome.. the detailed round is the best I water down the black wilton food paste and it makes a beautiful line.. The markers are always dry .. expensive and don’t seen to work for me.. :( <3 <3 Julez <3 <3 but your cake looks awesome <3

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Intruded Wilton…..also a disappointment. I too use gel & alcohol and a very thin tipped brush. That seems to work best for me.

Allways Julez

Thanks ladies… I don’t think I will invest in any other brands… just stick to paint brushes. I have suffered minor loss of my fine motor skills due to health issues, and have found a brush heaps more “forgiving” as well. Holding a solid black pen directly against the cake, seemed to show up every minor “wobble”!

Prima Cakes and Cookies - Jennifer

I like my fooddoodler edible markers. I used them to do my Japanese Garden cake. I had to use a few of them only because I dulled the point from the constant tapping the fondant to make dots. But it was always an even black color. My dots just got bigger than I liked.

And like Marlene said I let my fondant dry before drawing on it.

Mommy Sue

Have you try Kopykake edible pen marker? I don’t have any brand to suggest for this is the only edible pen that I found here in UAE. The marker works fine to me and because black was used most of the time, I always purchased extra black marker pen. ;)

Julia Hardy

Hi. I have had mixed results with that same pen. When I try to use it on soft fondant it is next to useless but on dry (or gumpaste like my New York CAKE where I used the pen lots) it is wonderful!
Your cake is wonderful though! :-) x

Allways Julez

Thanks for the feedback…my fondant was dry… I had made a plaque for that front bit and hardened it a little with Cellulose.
I don’t think I will ever buy another one, but if so, maybe another brand…. although it can be difficult getting some brands here locally, in Australia.
Postage is sometimes a killer when buying online.

Cake Decor in Cairns

I was disappointed in Sugarflair pens too especially since their lustre dusts are fantastic,

I use Americolor Pens now they give an opaque black on white fondant! Best investment ever. I ordered online from Baking Pleasures.

Allways Julez

Thanks, Naomi! xxx

Cake Decor in Cairns

LOL here’s an example :)

It’s not faded at all its just the flash.

I get wholesale discount from Baking Pleasures, I am sure Janice will give you one too x

Allways Julez

Thanks! … have just checked out the website… the range of products is very extensive!

Julia Hardy

Those pens look brilliant – I want some!!! :-D x

Cake Decor in Cairns

Julia they are my fave :0) xoxo