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Mommy Sue

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March 30, 2015

Hello CakesDecor Family! I missed you all and I missed everything in CD.

It's been a long time since my last logged in, since my last post and since my last comment to someone's creation.....I been very busy with my Family, working full time, doing cakes during night hours till morning, and setting up my own Cake Shop business. Thank, God for giving me this opportunity.

Hopefully, by mid next month, I will be opening my very own Cake Shop in Abu Dhabi. From "Just a simple Cake by Mommy Sue" to "My Little Baker Sweets" - everything the same, only the name has changed. It was very challenging, I'm shaking, I have lots of doubts and I am a bit nervous and scared.....but this is it, this is what I am always dreaming of....for myself, for the family and for the future.

You are all my inspiration, CakesDecor Family helped me to believed in myself, have confident, be strong and accept challenges....and I am thanking you all for this, for inspiring me, for all the support and advices, for the guides and tutorials, for sharing all your creations and knowledge.

Wishing me all the luck for the upcoming new chapter of my cake decorating life, and with your continued support and guidance.....I am sure and I believed that everything will be alright.

Mommy Sue

It's not just about Sweetness....and yes it's true!

Simple, sweet, sincere and special cake for my family way back May 2012. But then when people start noticing my cakes after a months, that Mommy Sue's "S" became more, more and more.....

From simple to sophisticated, sincere to seriousness and from special to superb....And since I had a full time job aside from being a Wife and a Mom.....this "S" multiplies to sleepless nights, sleepy day, stressful moments, sarcastic client, scrambled things, smash and even scream sometimes. I'm sick of it and came to a point where I almost wanted to stop.......

So sad....

Just a Simple Cake or simply Jas Cake by Mommy Sue.......a brand name after my daughter's name Jasmine.

Do I have to surrender? Then suddenly......I smiled and said, "This Jas Cake is like a sprout to me just like my Daughter, it gives me a sunny day when it rains, a strength when I'm weak, sparkling ideas in difficult times. It makes me stylish, smart and sharp. It develops my self-confident, self-esteem and self-disciplined and most of all...after almost a year and a half, thanks be to God, I became Successful!

Jas Cake will not stop, we will stay and we will continue to serve and make people smile!!

Thanking you all for your supports....

Lots of Love,
Mommy Sue and Jas Cake Family

February 2014

It's not just about sweetness....

I started baking, decorating and designing a cake and cupcakes last May 2012, with passion I want to develop my hobby freely and improve my skills creatively. And to share with you my ideas and creations from what I have learned from a good adviser, cake professionals, e-books, tutorials and from YouTube.

At the last quarter of 2012, I decided to attend a Cake Baking and Decorating Class. Fortunately, I have completed all the four courses at Wilton - Tavola in Jumeirah Dubai. Currently, I am planning to enroll/attend any seminars and workshops by a famous Cake masters and Professionals that will be held here in the UAE.

I admit I'm not a professional baker, just a simple hobbyist. And I need to learn more and gain more experience. I would like to invite you to visit and browse my cake creation at my fb page;

If you have any tips or advise to share, I will appreciate it a lot!

Thank you!
Mommy Sue

September 2012

-- Just a Simple Cake by Mommy Sue,


Mommy Sue

Hello Cakes Decor Family! Thank you for this opportunity to share my cake creation.
Please feel free to visit my fb page;

If you have any tips and suggestion please leave a message. Thank you.


Thank you very much for your message. Your cakes are beautiful look forward to seeing more of your lovely creations xx :-)

Mommy Sue

Thank’s too, NooMoo! :)


Susie, thanks for dropping by and leaving me all the wonderful comments today!

Mommy Sue

Your welcome, miettes! it’s been a while since the last time I was on line….and there were hundreds on my notification… thank’s too!


Hi, lovely cakes! New follower ;-)

Mommy Sue

Thank you, Tynka! Hope you enjoy browsing my cakes… ;)

The Custom Cakery

Thank you for your message, your cakes are flawless! Happy to be able to return the follow :)

Mommy Sue

Thanks, The Custom Cakery! xoxo!

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Sue, thanks a lot for your lovely comment you left on my profile page and for the follow!!! Your cakes are awesome too, in fact I am already one of our followers!!! Thanks again.

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Sue, thank you so much for all your comments on my cakes, I am very grateful for all your lovely feedback and support!!!

Mommy Sue

Thanks Marlene, I can’t stop looking at all your creations…sooo pretty. And when I was at the last cake on the last page, looks like was looking for more. thanks for inspiring me as well! xoxo

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi Sue, you took my breath away with all your lovely comments!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to look at each of my cakes!!! So much appreciated!!!!

Mila - Pure Cakes by Mila

Hi Sue, Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my pieces, and leaving such lovely comments! I really appreciate that! You are very talented yourself too, I have seen your cakes. You got a New friend and Follower!!

Mommy Sue

Thanks, Mila!