Super Kid "Defying Gravity" Cake

Super Kid "Defying Gravity" Cake
Super Kid "Defying Gravity" Cake Super Kid "Defying Gravity" Cake

After playing around with my previous Frozen cake with a simple defying gravity cake….I tried it again here with my Super Kid cake along with the other superheroes.

First idea was to offset the 2nd & 3rd tier cake to the left just like what I did on my last Frozen cake……Then suddenly pop up to my mind to make a Super kid and put her under 3rd tier cake as if he was carrying it and act as support to the cake and balance it as well.

But the most challenging part was delivering the cake on the venue….fortunately and in God’s help….Super Kid saves the day! Happy 1st Birthday Aedan Avery!

Just a Simple Cake by Mommy Sue,


Wow gorgeous! Such clean lines… beautiful work! I have wanted to do this styles but not sure how at this stage!!! :)

Mel Sugarcraft Artist Designer Cakes, Cupcakes & Sugarcraft

Thank you so much, Mel! It’s so much fun to do this cake you have to give it a try Mel! :)

Just a Simple Cake by Mommy Sue,

Wow, I really love your take on the theme, so perfect in every element

You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

Sigh…! Faints………. XXXX :D

Stop hatin'......Start bakin'.... :)

Brilliant idea and fabulous results! X