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Stacking a wedding cake

Please I have a question: Usually if I have a 3/4 tiered cake, I put dowels under each cake to support the weight. But I saw in all video tutorials that at the end they put a long wooden stick that is put from the upper tier until the last one. Now my question is the following: I put a hard cardboard under each cake, so how am I going to insert the wood stick in all the 4 cakes and there’s a hard cardboard underneath every cake?
Hope my question is clear, thank you for your answers :)

-- Nadine A.


Fifi's Cakes

I don’t think you need to put a stick all the way through … I have seen it done by hammering it in (scary!! no thanks!) A board between each layer and dowels as you are already doing will support each cake. I use milkshake straws for dowels and have never used a long stick, and that includes travelling with a tall 3-tier wedding cake in very humid conditions. If you have not had a problem before then don’t change the way you are doing it, is what I would say xx

Sugar&Spice by NA

Thank you Fifi’s cake :) I feel much better now, I’m going to keep it my way! xxxx

Fifi's Cakes

good luck! :) :)

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

Here is a good tutorial for stacking cakes:
I have done tiered cakes both ways, with and without the center dowel. If you want to try using a center dowel, it really does go through the thin cardboard cakeboards quite easily.

Enza - Sweet-E

Nadine, I have used a center dowel for 3 tiers and more…I premake my holes in the boards..make sure the holes are all centered and measure up and once you insert the dowel it goes through very easily..hope this helps x

Jenniffer White

I use a center master dowel for any tiered cakes. I sharpen my dowels in a dedicated pencil sharpener and then hammer it through all tiers. I use simple cardboard rounds in each tier and a cake drum as the base cake board. I still dowel each tier to support the one on top of it, using either drinking straws or bubble tea straws.

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

I also use a centre dowel. Same as Jennifer…..sharpen the dowel & hammer through. Goes through the thin cardboard very easily. Ditto to the straws too.

Calli Creations

I’m with Jennifer… I dowel all the way through. I like to do this to ensure it stays level. :)

Bethann Dubey

I am with Jennifer also.. :D :D

AWG Hobby Cakes

make sure you sharpen your dowel with a pencil sharpener:)

Sugar&Spice by NA

A big fat juicy thank you for all who took the time to answer my 2 questions! It sure was helpful, will let you know about the result :) kisses to all of youxxxxxxxx