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Hello everyone!
Here we are!!!!!
We are two Italian sisters, architect&graphicdesigner: we started to play in decorated cakes, the game has become a passion, and now we’re thinking of turning it into a real business.
Come and visit facebook page

and on our website.

I will discover the beautiful


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Ciao to both of you!! and very nice to meet you!!

maria antonietta motta - arcake -

thanks miettes! ciao!

Mandy's Sugarcraft

Hi both (sorry, don’t know your names?) – hope your business comes to fruition x

Happyhills Cakes

Great to meet you, love your work, v modern and interesting which I really respect. Will enjoy following :)

maria antonietta motta - arcake -

thanks Happyhills :) T&G ;))

Elli Warren

HI!! So lovely to meet you!! Love your cakes!! :-) x

The Custom Cakery

How lovely that you work on them together (I’m a dreadful control freak, would never work! Ha) I hope the business goes well if you take the leap. I’m certain it will!

Time for Tiffin

hi to both of you, hope you get to start your won buisness up x


Hello to you both :-) nice to meet you!

Dessert By Design (Krystle)

nice to meet you both :)

The Custom Piece of Cake

Hi lovely ladies, your work are absolutely amazing, nice to meet you both

maria antonietta motta - arcake -

Elli thanks! as always you’re welcome!

Enza - Sweet-E

Ciao e un piacere conoscervi :) your cakes are beautiful :) Enza xx

maria antonietta motta - arcake -

thanks TheCustomCakery , in truth we sometimes we deeele small threads … but we love each other! the real work … we’ll see! thanks!!!! :)

maria antonietta motta - arcake -

thank you both!!