Hi Mandy your cakes are so creative…I’m a fan of your page and a new follow from me :) Enza xx


Thank you Enza, I’m very flattered by your lovely comments – hope you enjoy future posts x

Mandy x --

New follower here! Love your cakes x

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Hi Cheryl, just seen your post on my Facebook page!

Thank you for your lovely comments, I love sharing so it’s great people enjoy :-)


Mandy x --

You are one amazingly talented lady!!!

Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Thank you Mandy for the nice comment on my hydrangea cake. I so admire your work…you have such an amazing talent!! I didn’t realize it was you until I saw in the quarterly awards that you had made the Royal Iced Wedding Cake…I adore that cake and am amazed at the details!!


Thank you Chris, that means a lot to me x I have to say hydrangeas are my least favourite flower, but when I saw your cake, the colour you had used and the overall arrangement I was won over (well, with your flowers, I still won’t be planting any in the garden!) – it is beautiful and I’m very pleased to see it entered into the quarterly awards, definitely one on my watch list :-) x

Mandy x --

New follow from “introduce yourself” forum :) Wow!!! Love your work!


Hi Mandy, nice to meet you, looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful cakes :)

Hi ,Mandy, awesome to meet and learn about you… happy caking!

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Mandy, a pleasure to meet you too. Love your work it’s amazing. New follow here.

Your work is amazing, and you’re such a much person too… Thank you for making me feel welcome ♥♥

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My pleasure and thank you for the lovely comments about my work x

Mandy x --

New follow from me – your work is wonderful! :-)

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