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How to Cut a Cake and Keep It Fresh

I’m not sure If this kind of cutting a cake is a well known in cake decorating community, but it was pretty new for me :). How do you cut your cake?

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cutting cake cut cake and keep it fresh cutting a cake and keep it fresh


Laura Loukaides

This is new to me too, Thank you for sharing this Michal!! :)

Jenniffer White

I have seen a video of this on Facebook lately, but this is certainly new to me. As for cutting (serving) cakes, I almost never do it. In fact, I HATE cutting my own cakes. There’s just something about destroying what you’ve worked so hard to create that seems wrong.

Elli Warren

Thank you for sharing! I haven’t seen this before, Will definitely try this!! :-) x


Love this! Thanks

Pauline Soo (Polly) - Pauline Bakes The Cake!

Saw this on FB the other day and it is definitely new to me! Thanks for sharing! :) ❤

Orietta Basso

Beautiful, thank you!!

Stella Markopoulou

Great tip!!

SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

This is wierd cos my hubby just showed me a you tube video with this method the other day, new to me also. Ive always cut wedges and just covered with cling film xx thanks Michal :-)


Thank you Michal :)

The Custom Cakery

Showed something similar on my page to week nope never heard of or done before!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

This method is actually very old. Was invented in 1906. By Francis Galton. I literally watched the YouTube video on this a few days ago….it’s interesting. Have a gander:
You’ve Been Cutting Cake The Wrong Way Your Whole Life. Or:
The Scientific Way to Cut a Cake – YouTube
Alex Bellos on cutting a cake using scientific principles.

Esther Williams

I actually just watched a video on the scientific way to cut a cake and this was exactly what they were teaching. It’s a great way to keep your cakes more fresh!


Brilliant – thank you!


New for me too!!!!….It’s a good tip, but…….The difficult part for me will be to leave some cake!! Once I start cutting I can stop!!! Ü

Michal Bulla

Haha, at least you can be sure that your cake doesn’t have time to get dry :)