New Look CakesDecor!

Hey everyone, I just wanted to say I was in a panic yesterday when I couldnt get on cakes decor and didnt know what was happening. Only to wake up this morning, try again and see weve had a revamp!
A bit lost at first and a few peoples names had changed to their ‘real’ names and not their cakey ones, so I didnt recognise them! Including mine, I was just christine for a while there, but the edit profile is back working now and im back to sugarmagic! The layout is basically the same, I can see why the number of days you have been a member for has changed to when you first joined because it was going to enter the 1000s soon!
Just want to say I ♥ cakes decor and was soooo used to the way it was before. But we have to embrace change and im sure when we all get used to the new look site, it will be better than ever!
Quick question for michal, will the cake comp be back up and running soon?

sugar and art - perfect combination!

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Also, I love the notifications button, great idea, helps you keep up :)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

a lovely post. they worked so hard and embracing change is good! thanks for the tip about our names … I hadn’t even noticed till you said haha! xx

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I was having a heart attack yesterday when I couldn’t log on!!! I was wondering is it just me? What’s happened? Was slightly shocked to see the new look but slowly getting used to it, I think it’s great to see everyone’s real name lol but I’m glad everybody is still on the site- wouldn’t know what to do without you guys!! :-)


Same here cakealicious :)

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Finding the ads really annoying from my mobile phone but otherwise seems good, like you say, we need to embrace change! Ha. Also enjoying the notifications button, told me you’d posted this Christine! Hadn’t really thought about the fact my name isn’t my business name, maybe I should bite the bullet and change…
Must have been a lot of work making the changes.

Mel, Yorkshire,

I think the change is great, I absolutely love the the new layout and features. However I think that the resolution on the photos needs to be bumped up

Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,

I wanted to thank Michal for all of this hard work in updating Cakes Decor, but to be honest, I preferred the old site. I am having a hard time with the purple background. It is much harder on the eyes (at least my old eyes) trying to read the white lettering against the purple background. I can’t seem to be able to find anyone now that the Members bar is no longer available. How do we message someone if we can’t find them?

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Yeah, im quite missing the members bar and also you cannot see who has faved your cakes

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Toni I am 37 and my eyes are certainly taking a beating now and the cakes do not look sharp that also contributes to eye strain.

Lori-Ann,The Cake Studio Cayman,