Pinky Pug & Little Totoro

Pinky Pug & Little Totoro
Pinky Pug & Little Totoro Pinky Pug & Little Totoro Pinky Pug & Little Totoro Pinky Pug & Little Totoro

Hi guys!!

I share with you my last work. It’s for “Best Friend’s Day” collab created by Bouchra Lyna and Galina Duverne to celebrate Friendship’s Day. This is the story of my piece:


Here is Tomohisa, better known at home as “Little Totoro”. He’s an only child and he had always been felt a bit lonely but when Little Totoro became ill and had to stay at home for months, that feeling became even worse, he was sad every day.

But one friday, when his father reached home with a large package on his shoulder, his life took an unexpected turn. “Pinky pug” was like an earthquake!Always, jumping, cavorting… Little Totoro at first couldn’t keep him up but he finally recovered from illnes and now come what may they are always together and do everything together…even be punished! They are best friends ever!!_*


Hope you like it!!! Happy Best Friend’s Day!!! ♥♥♥

Isa xxxx |||


I am delighted to be the first person to say that this is brilliant and sweet and perfect! LOVE <3<3<3

Jenny, Castle Rock, CO

Thanks so much lovely!!! Your works are amazing!!! Happy friendship day!! ♥ |||

gorgeous!!!! just gorgeous!!!!!!!!

Karolina Cake Designer

Awwww theyre soooo cute doing everything together…….love it! ♡

sugar and art - perfect combination!

Thanks my friends!!! You’re so kind!! Thanks for your beautiful words!! ♥ ♥ ♥ |||

I love this. I love your work and you are so talented xx

Zoe @ sweet foxylicious x

What a lovely story and an amazing creation!! Well done x x

JT Cakes