modelling chocolate

Motorbike tyre cake - Cake by Rebecca Jane Sugar Art
Pineapple Birthday Cake - Cake by Cake This
Arabella - Steamcakes 2018 - Cake by Carla Puig
Alice in Wonderland Wedding Cake - Cake by Rebecca Jane Sugar Art
The Voice of the Sea speaks to the Soul - Cake by GoshCakes
Blaze and the Monster Machine - Cake by Phey
Fore! - Cake by CakeyCake
Peter Rabbit Cake Topper - Cake by Linze Clark
Niamh ~ Golden haired queen of the fairies - Cake by Rhu Strand
Steampunk wedding cake - Cake by Karen Keaney
Incredible India Collaboration - Wedding Cake - Cake by Calli Creations
Frostington Sweets by Chef Mitchie - Cake by Chef Mitchie
Mars - Let’s Dream Together - Cake by Maggie Chan
Puppy Pug Aviator - Cake by Artym
Children's theme cakes collaboration  - Cake by Sweet Bites by Ana
Transylvanian Birthday Party - Cake by Adelina Baicu Cake Artist
Steampunk Alice - Steampunk collaboration - Cake by Aurelia's Cake
Rolo The Elephant - Cake by Dirk Luchtmeijer
Spooky Scooby - Cake by Adelina Baicu Cake Artist
HeiHei from Moana - Cake by Lesi Lambert - Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft
Sugar Skull Bakers Collaboration 2017 - Raven  - Cake by Zoe Byres
Double headed eagle  - Cake by Hima bindu
Egypt Land of Mystery Collaboration - MUT METAMORPHOSIS   - Cake by Adelina Baicu Cake Artist
"Forest Spirit in Autumn" Gold medal at Birmingham C I 2015 - Cake by Daniel Diéguez