Dear all,
Please allow me to introduce myself and my cake decorating experience.
My name is Adelina Baicu, I'm Romanian born but living abroad for the past 12 years ( 7 years in the UK, USA, South Korea and now in Italy). I've always been an artistic person and loved drawing, painting, sewing and anything that meant being creative but followed a different path and ended up having a degree in economics.
Since I got married in 2012 and after having our son a year later, I've been following my engineer husband for all his work projects (hence the often moves and very different destinations). While being an "alien" in all these countries and having no work rights, I turned my interest into the cake design domain which I always admired. It all started with deciding to make my son's first birthday cake (after a rather unpleasant experience we had with his quite expensive and not-so-delicious ordered Baptism cake) and although it was not great, my humble first baking attempt unleashed an unmatched passion for the endless possibilities of the cake decorating business.
I've only done this as a hobby so far which helped me tremendously overcome the difficult period we've been through due to my son's health problems, surgeries and various therapies. We are not out of the woods yet (I guess one is never out after having children 😊) but he's doing great and achieving new milestones every day! Therefore we decided (my husband has been very supportive and encouraged me every step of the way) that maybe it was time I should follow my dream sort of and try to turn this passion into a career. So I'm still training, taking courses and self-educating myself but at least we came up with a funky name for my venture 😜: 'Le Torte Decorarte'
I am so incredibly grateful for my mom-inherited creativity, the opportunities my life offered and most of all for the amazing people in my life who supported me and the ones I keep discovering everyday since I started this magic journey!
I close with a huge thank you to all of you cake-magicians for not ceasing to surprise, impress and inspire me with your immense talent and determination, you rock 🤘!


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