Thank you for your support, Rita! I love your work and am following you!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you Sandra! It’s a great pleasure for me!!! Really happy!

Rita Cannova

Hi Rita, nice to meet you. Your creations are beautiful!!!
Have a new follow from me :)


Hi Rita, new follower here, your creations are fantastic! Best of luck for your future projects!

You’re lovely! Thank you so much Adelina! Your Works are beautiful too!

Rita Cannova

Hi Rita, amazing creations, look forward to. Seeing more of your work! New follow from me

Lyn (Nanna Lyn Cakes) xx

I am your work a new follower lovely Rita

Thank you!!! ❤️

Rita Cannova

Rita muchas gracias por tu seguimiento y tu apoyo!!! Me encantan tus creaciones son impresionantes!! Tienes nueva seguidora!!!

Raquel García Martínez