Hi Carla! I love your works!

il mondo di ielle

Ohh! Thank you sooo much!! I love your works too!!!
I’m new in cakesdecor…I will continue publishing my works, I hope you like it! It would be an honour!!
Thank you again for your words!

Hola Carla! Your nice work denotes a great mastery of techniques… They are highly refined, congratulations!

Thank you for following carla. ☺️❤️


Hola Carla!!! Fue un gran placer compartir contigo los triunfos en Birmingham!!! Y esperamos poder repetirlo el año que viene!! ah… y tienes una nueva seguidora!!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Felicidades guapísima!!! Cake decorator of the Week!!! ♥❤️♥❤️♥

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Enhroabuenaaaaaa Cake Decorator of the Week!!!! ole ole ole!!!!

Life is too sweet to be bitter

Congrats on decorator of the week! I just checked out your cakes & you are very deserving of the title!

Kelly's Kitchen

well deserved Cake Decorator of the week!!! amazing talent you have!!

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