Hi all! My name's Isa, a 30 year old spanish woman that discovered cake decorating some months ago. I usually do sculptures with clay, I love to sculp and make cakes so, when I watched programs like "Ace of cakes" "planet cake" or "Charm City Cakes" on spanish tv I seriosly thought in doing sculpted cakes. Now I'm working at home with modelling chocolate and fondant giving my projects to my family and friends, creating a quite good portfolio and learning from all cake designers to improve and find my goal: buy my own bakery. As my father sais: "no pain, no gain".

Thank you so much to read my words and best regards from Spain! XxX


Thank you so much Coninna but I’m just a newbie here haha. Your works are awesome! I really love them! I’ve been doing cake for seven month, no more so I need to learn a lot yet. Thanks for your words! Kisses!

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De imposibles nada!!! Haceis que todo sea posible!!! Son unas tartas impresionantes… una maravilla!! Ü

Ay, no me di cuenta del comentario amigos, lo siento. Un millón de gracias por pasar y comentar; sois grandes modelando y os deseo muchos éxitos. Un abrazo grande desde España!

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Amazing modeling!!! Your new follower :)

Dasa, Prague

Thanks for the follow Isa! Love your work, cant wait for more! :-)

sugar and art - perfect combination! sugarmagic22@gmail.com

thank you for your kind comments, so lovely to link up with you here! Your talent is incredible and your modelling is expert!! Inspirational xx

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Oh Christine! What a nice surprise see your comment here. Thanks for coming!!

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Oh thank you very much Fifi, I’m in love with your cakes. You are a very talented designer and I always enjoy with them. Thanks friend! :D

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