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SugarMagicCakes (Christine)

Hi JT! Thanks for the follow. Loving all your cakes xx

JT Cakes

Thanks dear I love all your cakes too :)

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi JT Cakes, I dropped by to let you know that Dina (Miettes) has just informed me that you are from Malta as well!!! It is nice to know that there is another Maltese caker who is a member of Cakes Decor!

JT Cakes

That’s nice. Just saw your work. You are very very talented. Love your photography as well.

CakeHeaven by Marlene

Hi JT, thanks a lot for the lovely comments you left on my profile!! The photographs are all complements of my very patient husband who has to spend hours taking photos of my cakes to make sure that I have good photos!! I have looked at your work as well!! Your painting is really beautiful and I especially love your bonsai cake!! Great work!! Hope to see more of your work posted on Cakes Decor soon!!!

JT Cakes

Thanks Marlene :)

Viorica Dinu

very nice your cakes.

JT Cakes

Thank you Viorica. I appreciate a lot


Wow Johnathan, what a story! I’m sure you dad is looking down on you with a huge smile on his face! I have only been doing cakes for 12 months and love it, pretty much all self taught and some dumb luck! :-)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Such a lovely story. So sorry you lost your Dad. But he left you a wonderful legacy!! You certainly do have God given talent!! But it does show with much practice …what you can achieve…. :o)

AWG Hobby Cakes

My late daughter is the inspiration behind my cakes. I ALSO am self taught…. and would love to go on courses. I make cakes as a hobby… and doing so because it helps me in difficult times to focus, and most of all to see others happy, makes me happy. Your father is proud of you x


That was a great story Jonathan, sorry for your loss. But I also had a loss & I know my mother is also watching from above & proud of the flowers I create . You’re work is awesome btw. :-)

Gulnaz Mitchell

What an inspiring story behind your cake journey! I am very sorry to hear about your Dad. He would be proud of you! Your cakes are amazing! xoxo

JT Cakes

Thanks for the nice comments. I’m sorry for your losses too, Wallace and Audrey.


I love your story and i love painted cakes ;)