Karolina Andreas
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I am Devon based cake artist, born in Slovakia, and dedicated Mum of two little boys.
I have big dreams and never give up.

-- Karolina Cake Designer

Welcome to cakes decor!!! Your cakes are awesome!!!! You have a new follower! xxx

-- SweetKOKEKO

Welcome to Cakes Decor – your cakes are amazing and looking forward to seeing more as a follower! X

-- Judy

Welcome to Cakesdecor, wow fabulous work! New follow

-- Znique Creations at

thank you guys. Arantxa :-) my work is not new to you, is it hehe.

-- Karolina Cake Designer

Hi Karolina.
Thank you for your kind comments. Your cakes are gorgeous! I’m looking forward your other cakes.♥♥

-- Anka

Karolina i am a huge fan of your work HUGE

-- lilchick

oh my, that’s such an honour Danijela! thank you!!!

-- Karolina Cake Designer

your work it’s great! so you have a new follower

-- Florence Devouge, Barcelona,

thank you kindly Florence! xxx

-- Karolina Cake Designer

I just realised I haven’t been following you! Why? Because I’m silly!!! Adore your work, you are one of the greats and a cake idol of mine. New follow from little old me x

-- Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes

hi Anna no one called me an idol before :—))))))) thanks for that! we are all doing our best. have a lovely Sunday.

-- Karolina Cake Designer

Hi there Karolina! I have just discovered you! and LOVE your work! You have a new follower!!!

-- Life is too sweet to be bitter

Hi Karolina! Amazing cakes!

-- il mondo di ielle

thanks! :-) xxx

-- Karolina Cake Designer