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Fun Fiesta Cakes

Kuromi-Hello Kitty Cake

Hello, bakers, I have been asked to make a Hello Kitty/Kuromi-My Melody cake for a 1 year old. If anybody has done one before and has any instructions on how to make the little Kuromi-My Melody characters, I’d appreciate hearing from you. ...

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Fondant or Gumpaste

Hi all!! I have a question I made for the first time animals out of fondant but I watched tutorials on you tube & they were using Gumpaste? I tried using gumpaste but it was to hard for me & would not stick I even tried making that sticky...

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Airplane Cookie Cutter

Could anyone tell me where I could purchase a airplane cookie cutter like the one below. I love it because it is so whimsical – not the standard boring airplane cookie cutter. Thank you!

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cake safe

I am still new at this. Have only been decorating for a little over a year. I have recently heard of a product called a Cake Safe. I have viewed the web site and all that but what I want to know is there anyone out there who has actually used...

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Scrummy Mummy's Cakes

5Mb upload limit

Hi, I find it very difficilt to upload my pictures because of the 5Mb upload limit. I have been uploading before watermarking because this makes the picture size even bigger! This time however I was unable to upload any, as they were all over...

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Fun Fiesta Cakes

My cakes are too dense

Hi, Bakers, I’m looking for a good vanilla cake recipe from scratch – I’ve tried several, but for some reason, the texture of my cakes always seem too dense. The flavor is great, but I can’t quite get the texture right. I’ve tried All...

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How to fondant cover a cake with a slice of it cut out

Hi I am new in baking and recently came across a piece of cake covered in fondant with a slice of it cut out. The cut out slice is also covered in fondant. Any advice on how to achieve smooth fondant covering for the larger piece of cake with...

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Paula Wright

Wedding 3 Tiered Cupcake Cake

I’ve been given this image as design inspiration but can’t work out how the ‘wrapper ’ has been created, does anyone have any ideas? Also the frosting looks really smooth, I don’t think it’s buttercream – any advice appreciated! ...

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Cakery Creation Liz Huber

Who has the Agbay leveler? Pros and cons?

Hello Everyone!!! I am looking into purchasing the Agbay leveler. I wanted to see if anyone here uses it? What are the pros and cons? Thank you Liz

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Chevron Stripes?

I’m looking for a detailed tutorial on how to make fondant chevron stripes on a cake like in the image below. I get the general gist of how to do it, but I’d love to see the process in a tutorial to see how they keep everything lined up well. ...

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Maria @ RooneyGirl BakeShop

Wedding orders - deposits vs balance due

Hi! I’m starting to book weddings and I was wondering how you professionals out there confirm the orders with your couples? Do you have a contract (might there be a template on line I can use)? How much deposit do you request and when do you...

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Carolina Cardoso

Hello Kitty Cake - Help!

Hi! A client asked me to make a Hello Kitty cake with this pattern and i seriously don’t know how i’m gonna make it. Can you please help me? Thank you!

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Modeling Chocolate and whipped icing

Hello, I’m fairly new to this site and am wondering if I might ask a question. I have an order next week for a cake to be covered in whipped icing. I’ll probably use Rich’s Bettercreme. However, the customer would like it to resemble a football...

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Michal Bulla

Python Cake

I just want to share this amazing Python Cake I found on the internet. I wanted to find the author as well, but I was unsuccessful. Thanks to AneliaDawnCakes, here is the link to the author’s FB page: North Star Cakes

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Yolanda Marshall

Does anyone have any advice on how to get more Facebook traffic ("likes")?

Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone can give me some ideas on how to increase my Facebook traffic? What things can you suggest that I can do to get more likes on my business page? Thanks! Yolanda

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Sarah Mitchell

Giant cupcake base

Hi everyone, I am making a giant cupcake tomorrow and was going to try and make the chocolate base! I have done this once before but not used it on a cake, it went well but I have tried to do it again but it won’t come away from the tin! I used...

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Looking for ideas for Bart Simpson being naughty- (ha)

Hi Guys- I’m making a surprise 40th birthday cake for a friend- He LOVES the Simpsons- so I am making Homer lounging on the couch with a JETS jersey (another of the birthday boy’s favorites)- holding a remote and a Duff can of beer. The TV will...

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Tier Sizes

What would be a good cake size for two tier cake? I was thinking a 9 inch bottom and 6 inch top. What do you all think. Help needed. Thank you in advance.

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Dummy Cakes

HI, I have a question…..When you make a dummy cake, does it always need to be covered in fondant? How do you go about using butter cream? Can you even use butter cream if you want to keep the dummy as a display cake? Is there something else that...

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Karen de Perez