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BellaCakes & Confections

Egg Free, Dairy Free Vanilla Cake Recipe! Help!?!

I have been asked to do an egg free dairy free cake for a little girls birthday party next weekend. I have tried 3 recipes that I found online. But, none of them where very good. Does anyone know Of a recipe thats great? I would be forever...

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Cake mix vs. Cake from scratch

I realized that a lot of people use cake mixes versus making the cake from scratch. I’m wondering what is your preference here on and why?

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Vegan baking

Hi fellow cakers! I’ve had a recent request to make vegan pastries. Can anyone point me to a good resource for vegan recipes please? thank you in advance!

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marzipan for 6 large battenbergs

*how much marzipan will i need to cover *six 6″×12″ battenberg wedding cakes….?

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Shirley Jones

Nut free Sugar paste ?

Hi, I’ve been asked to do a cake for a young boy who has a bad nut allergy he cannot eat products that have been made in a factory that uses nuts so im having real bother sourcing some sugar paste for his muppet’s cake. apart from making my own...

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Maria Davis

Carrots turning green in carrot cakes!

I have only baked less than a dozen carrot cakes over the past 2 years. The last 3 that I made (over the course of a few months), the carrots turned green after baking. I’ve googled this and learned that it’s a chemical reaction, but haven’t read...

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Negative feedback

Has any of you ever received a negative feedback about your work? If so how did it make you feel, and how did you handle it? I just got one and I feel very bad about. It makes me want to dig a hole and hide. I made a cake for someone the past...

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How do you handle it??

Have you ladies ever had someone be under you, watch you, and ask questions just so that they could steal business from you? What I don’t understand is, why not just ask for what you want to know? I like to help people w/ whatever I know [someone...

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Wedding Cake Question...

Hello Everyone, I am hoping someone can help me here. I am just staring out. I am making my first wedding cake: it is for 90 people and I am not sure what to charge since it is my first wedding. Any ideas on how to go about this? My other...

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Has anyone else received this e-mail?

I receive an e-mail from someone who saw my posts here, and she said she would like to get to know me better, and would not want to do so thru the public posting. She left her e-mail, but I did not open it or copy it down (dummy) I just marked...

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Help! Construction advice needed for an "illusion" cake

hi cake friends! I’m making a circus themed cake for a friend’s daughter. My idea is to make a circus ring with a strong man standing on top balancing a circus tent with his hands over his head. I just need some reassurance on how I am planning...

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marlyn rivera

can you help me find good cake to cover with fondant?

hi everyone! i been using a chocolate cake to cover with fondant…but sadly my fondant just teared apart and starting to melt….and my cake looks like melting too..can i use any kind of cake to cover with fondant? here is the recipe i am using...

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Need some help mixing colors

Hi, have any of you ever worked with this color called coral reef? I am trying to make it because I can’t find anything similar to it in stores or online. Can anyone help please. Here is a link where you can get a visual:...

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Hi , I’ve read you’re new recipe about buttercream for resisting to moisure .. I desesparetly check out for a gumpast recipe, fondant recipe which could dry fast and keep dry for a long. I live in Caraibean Island and prepar cake decorations is...

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cookies and cream cupcakes with frosting ?

Can anyone here share the best cookies and cream cupcakes with frosting. Thank You aLL.

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Shirley Jones

EGG,NUT and DAIRY FREE recipe?

Hi, was wondering can anyone help me I have had a request for a a cake without eggs dairy or nuts, any i have tried off the internet have been horrid with no taste, this lady’s daughter is coming 5 and has never had a proper birthday cake I would...

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Debbie Sanderson

Please can you help me??

I am from Chichester in England and I have just started my cake decorating business. Please can you like my Facebooke page :- and in return I will like...

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Pam and Nina's Crafty Cakes

Has anyone ever made a rainbow cookie cake and then covered it with fondant?

We have a request for a rainbow cookie cake 1st birthday and they want it covered in fondant. We are afraid that the taste will change drasticallly and they won’t li?e it. Has anyone ever done or seen this?

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Cake pricing for Beginners

Hello Everyone, I just recently started my own Cake Decorating business, I’m new at this and I’m curious about pricing and how much to charge my customers. I don’t want to charge to much, but at the same time I don’t want to be known as the...

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MMF craters

Hi All, I’ve been making MMF for a couple months. At first I was very successful. Now I am using the same recipe and I am getting craters on my cakes. Some are very deep. I do not understand what I am doing wrong. I did not think I used...