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Conflict of interest question

Hi everyone, I’ve been asked to make a 6" bridal gown cake for my mother’s friend’s daughter’s bridal shower at the end of the month…I usually make this cake and sit it on top of a tiered cake or a tower of cupcakes. My mom’s friend only wants...

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Kendra Hicks

Satin Ice - Free Shipping!

I just wanted to share the fact I found Jester’s Cake Supply’s eBay store has 4-5 lb. buckets of Satin Ice for $79.95 with free shipping. It’s the cheapest I’ve found factoring in shipping charges which are ridiculous everywhere. I usually use...

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Lizzie's Cakes

Can you wrap a cake in bubble wrap?

I know that may be a slightly strange question but I have a Japanese friend who is going home to see her parents this week and she has asked me to bake some mini cakes for her mum. Apparently she intends to put the cakes in her luggage for the...

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Wanted the Ultimate Chocolate Mud Cake Recipe

Hello All I’m new on here & I tried to do a post yesterday but I can’t seem to locate it so I hope I haven’t repeated.. I have been trying to find the ultimate chocolate mudcake recipe that is dense yet not heavy – fudgy or caramel taste yet...

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Shameless Sweets by Sarah

MMF- Help please!

So it is too late for the cake I am working on now but hopefully I can solve this problem for next weeks cake :-) I was wondering if anyone ever had a problem with huge air bubbles all throughout their MMF? I’m wondering if maybe my fondant is...

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Kendra Hicks

Royal Blue Fondant

I have a cake due on Friday in which the 10" base tier needs to be royal blue in color. Since this was a last-minute order I don’t have the time to have colored fondant shipped. What’s the best way to get a true royal blue color – kneading in...

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stacking fondant covered tiers

was wondering everyone’s preferred method of stacking a fondant covered tier. when i cover my tiers in fondant i go all the way down and cover the board as well. when i go to stack it is when i’m having my problem. i usually use some sort of...

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Frills? Upside down frills? Can somebody please tell me how to do this?

Hi everyone :) I’ve seen so many cake that are covered in frills and upside down frills. (Like the pics below) They are beautiful… I want to learn how to do this method but can’t seem to find any info. (Maybe I’m googling the wrong word…) If...

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Mikooklin's Cakery

Grooms Cake

Ok so the cake will be a lemon cake and I was thinking a lemon-blueberry butter cream as the filling. What I’m torn on is if to cover it in white chocolate ganache or dark chocolate or to just cover it in butter cream them put the fondant on…. I...

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priest decoration cake help!

hello everyone :) It’s going to be the first time using this amazing page. I want to make a cake for the Priest of my chuch’s birthday , i am thinking in something elegant, simple, but really nice, He is turning 65 years old and is from...

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Can't open Facebook Page!!help!!

Hi i recently had a problem with facebook page that link to my personal account.every time i log in to facebook (my pages and my personal account) is alway show facebook ads ! it’s been 3 days….i do report my problem...

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pink sugar frosting

coco form

is any one know what is the cocoform is? and wt is the recipe of it? i know its similar to modeling chocolate but i think its made with the glucose and its more pliable then MC . that’s what i know about this medium . is any one know the recipe ???

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Kelle's Cakes

Advice on making edible Lego figures

Hi! I’m new to the site and excited to be here! I can’t wait to start posting my pictures :-) I do need your help, though… I am working on a cake order that’s coming up and am wondering if there is an easier way to make edible Lego figures. The...

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Shameless Sweets by Sarah

Help with cake saying

I am doing a bithday cake for an 18 year old microbiology major. Her mom told me that she is “quirky and sarcastic with a weird sense of humor.” So I am doing a bacteria and viruses cake. I’m going to make figures of various bacteria and diseases...

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sale on Fondx brand fondant at Sweet Wise

just wanted to make sure everyone knew that is having a super sale on fondx brand fondant. you can get color 2lb tubs for 7.99 (plus shipping) and white 10lb tub for 23.49 (plus shipping). Sweet Wise has been having some awesome...

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Fondant: what brand do you prefer

Hey everyone, I have been using the wilton brand fondant (only started decorating a few months ago), but someone told me there is better out there. I wanted to get some insight on what brand fondant you prefer and why? Also, do you prefer...

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Rita's Cakes

Where does everyone buy the supplies?

I was wondering where everyone bought their cake supplies online?

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Duff Airbrush Problem

I bought the Duff airbrush back in Dec. I used it maybe 2 times. When Im done using it, each time I clean it and store it in a little basket. I went to use it today…and it doesnt work. Im soooooooooooooooooooo upset. I no longer have my...

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Slice of Sweet Art

Help! Chocolate & Nut Allergies!!!!

I have a few cake orders coming up with known nut allergies and they want chocolate cake and/or chocolate butter cream, however, all the chocolate I’ve worked with have a disclaimer on their packaging that states the product is processed on...

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Stabilizing Whipped Cream

I’m doing a whipped cream cake tomorrow. I use the “No Weep” Whipped Cream recipe which is 1 pint of heavy whipping cream 2 TBLS of dry instant vanilla pudding powder 1 tsp of powder sugar (I use 1.5 TBLSP of powder sugar and whip...